This one is about Huge Girard and some of his friends from Quebec, but others can be found in the related links.


What strikes me is what nice, humble guys they are. One is a police constable, another works in a nappy factory. Seeing a guy who can flip cars picking up his dog's sht is certainly eye-opening.

They are ordinary guys who do extraordinary things after years of hard work. Inspirational stuff. I haven't seen any similar documentaries about strongwomen, it'd be interesting.

It reinforces what I've said before, the arrogant cocky aggro guys you meet in the gym are the ones with ordinary lifts, the truly strong guys are humble, friendly and helpful. If you're a newbie in the gym, don't ask the buff cocky guy in skin-tight gear for help, find the quiet barrel-chested guy wearing a thick jumper or old t-shirt, sitting in the corner by himself resting between sets with enormous dumbells.