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Thread: Top 10: Most Dangerous railroads in the world.

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    Default Top 10: Most Dangerous railroads in the world.

    10. Kuranda Scenic
    Railway, Australia

    Scenic means beautiful view but also has a dizzying path. Etched
    in tropical dense rain forest since the late 1800’s, the
    railroad has an amazing framework. It pass waterfalls that sometimes
    spurted water droplets toward the train. This train railroad
    across the Barron Gorge National Park.

    9. Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia

    During the 3 hours journey from Jakarta to Bandung you will
    pass the greenish mountain delicacy, through the valley of the
    river, and the most amazing you will pass Cikurutug high bridge
    overlooking the expanse of green fields that seemed to calm.
    In 2002 there were accident thatthe train tracks out of it,
    fortunately there’s no victim on that accident.

    8. Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe Train, South Africa

    At the beginning of the opening this railway in 1908 there were
    accident that caused the wood to fall along the train tracks.
    Although this route is now more secure, you will still take
    a deep breath when passing through the Kaaimans bridge stands
    above the Indian Ocean.

    7. Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, New Mexico

    This railroads have caused headache to the passenger since 1880.
    Departure from the northern town of Chama far, The train attempts
    to balance through the frames of old tracks, pass the narrow
    ledge against the 800 foot Park Toltec, and winds of more than
    10,015 foot in Cumbres Pass (the highest mountainthe train reached
    in the United States).

    6. Tren a las Nubes, Argentina

    Although this train route connecting Salta (north-central Argentina)
    to La Polvorilla (on the border of Chile) had been approved
    for construction since 1921, but eventually completed in 1948,
    long years to be completed. You should try to feel the track:
    through 21 tunnels, 13 bridges crossing over the road, and many
    past spiral and zigzag lines.

    5. Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff, United Kingdom

    You can the feel scary thing when traveling on this train track.
    As the name implies, short and sweet summary of the roller-coaster
    like derivatives steep and 500 feet cliff that spanned both
    the southwest coastal cities.

    4. White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska

    Built during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898. This steam train
    is now the object for the tourists seeking sensations of the
    diggers. This “more than clinging to the cliff path”
    is visited by more than 450,000 visitors per year With cliffs
    up to 3000 meters as far as 20 miles. This track has been perpetuated
    in the “International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark”.

    3. Chennai-Rameswaram Route, India

    To reach the Island of Rameswaram at the southern coast of India
    you have to use a train that pass dangerous path. Line made
    in 1914, has 1.4 miles long. And the most scary thing is this
    line through the center of a dangerous whirlwind.

    2. Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado

    In the late 19th century, when the northwestern part of Colorado
    is filled with silver mines, steam trains was the only access.
    The most frightening is that you must pass through Devil’s
    Gate High Bridge, 100 feet tall, and when it is above the bridge,the
    train will pass slowly like It can’t hold the load.

    1. Aso Minami route, Japan

    The most terrible railroad is in the area of Japan’s most
    active volcanoes and you don’t know when the mountain
    would erupt. The tourists prefer to come on early November when
    the forest nearthe train pass was burned by the hot magma activity
    due to the Aso volcano.
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    Would love to go on all of them.
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