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    Default Music Vids of fame

    ~ Music Vids of fame!! ~

    MICHAEL JACKSON'S Thriller has been voted the most influential music video of all time.

    Social networking site MySpace polled 1,000 music critics to discover this top ten...

    1. THRILLER -MICHAEL JACKSON (1983) At 360,000, the most expensive music video of its time.


    2. HERE IT GOES AGAIN- OK GO (2006) Filmed in one continuous take, it took 17 attempts.


    3. BABY ONE MORE TIME- BRITNEY SPEARS (1998) Filmed in the same school as hit movie Grease.


    4. TAKE ME ON- A-HA (1985) Showcased groundbreaking special effects, including actors interacting with sketched animation.


    5. HURT- JOHNNY CASH (2003) The house in the video was Cash's home for 30 years but was destroyed in a fire in 2007.


    6. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY- QUEEN (1975) The famous flames at the start were put in later, once it hit No1.


    7. AROUND THE WORLD- DAFT PUNK (1997) Features dozens of dancers dressed in different outfits who gradually fill the stage.


    8. WEAPON OF CHOICE- FATBOY SLIM (1999) Features Deer Hunter actor Christopher Walken dancing in an empty hotel.


    9. SLEDGEHAMMER -PETER GABRIEL (1986) Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park helped animate this video.


    10. SABOTAGE- BEASTIE BOYS (1994) A parody of 1970s US TV crime series like Starsky and Hutch.

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    I like these ones.

    Put Em' High - Stone Bridge
    [ame=]YouTube - Stonebridge ft. Therese - Put' Em High (HQ Videoclip)[/ame]

    We Like to Party - Vengaboys
    [ame=]YouTube - Vengaboys - We like to Party! (The Vengabus)[/ame]

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