having trouble posting at Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding?

After you register the forum sends you an email with a link you must click on to complete the registration. I hear from members that they never received the email, when in fact it is sitting in their junk or spam filter/folder so CHECK THERE.

This is the message you get AFTER registering.

"Thank you for registering, XXXX. An email has been dispatched to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS with details on how to activate your account. Click here to return to where you were previously.

You will receive an email in your inbox. You MUST follow the link in that email before you can post on these forums. Until you do that, you will be told that you do not have permission to post"

The link to get the activation code RE-SENT to you is

Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding - Email Activation Codes

and the link to get your user name and password emailed to you is

Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding - Lost Password Recovery Form

So if you did not get the email, (check SPAM and JUNK folders then add us to SAFE list) very soon after registering, go to that first link and have it re-send it to you. If you still are not getting it, bad news, your email provider sucks and is blocking emails that YOU want from getting to you, so for you to be able to post here you then will have to log into your account and change your email address and see if that solves it, once you change it, it automatically sends you the email AGAIN, so the link that you need to click to verify your address should be there. When you change it do not stick with the same email provider, try a different one . If you need to make a new one try Gmail, it works.

If you are still having trouble send me (admin) a pm or email at admin@ausbb.com