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The subject range also covers topics relating to nutrition, food, diet
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Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself to the forum , tell us a bit about yourself. Everybody
always to know who the new face is

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    and tgell us a bit about yourself
  • Share some things about yourself . Here are some questions I recommend
    you to answer:
    • Include as much detail as you like when introducing yourself
      to the community. If you are stuck on what information to tell
      people, some suggestions are below:

      - Name
      - Age
      - Gender
      - Location
      - Training experience (if you have any that is)
      - Any Interests

      It would also be a good idea to say why you joined Ausbb
      - Australian BodyBuilding

      Do you have any goals in mind? Are you looking to start training?
      Are you trying to gain or lose weight? Perhaps you are already
      an experienced trainer and are looking to share your experience
      with others?

      Last but not least be sure to do some reading of the articles
      on Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding and also some searches
      on the forums.

Keep in mind that the more info you give, the better the input you'll
get. And don't worry if you're fat/skinny/weak, there are plenty of
guys here who have been where you are. Nobody is judgmental here.


  • Please use paragraphs, Avoid slang/text speech/etc. .

Step 2: Start Your Own Training Log
You can keep a training log for free on this forum. Keep Track of your progression,
put up pics of before and now ,your diet , weight or anything else you want to
keep track of

Why You Should Start a Training Log at Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding?

* 100% Free Support from the member of Ausbb . You'll get help from
other knowledgeable forum members for free.
* Forum members can follow your log & progress. Which can help
with your motivation.
* Virtual Friends. Alot of people don't have friends interested in
BodyBuilding/ Powerlifting/ Fitness. Ausbb Many people train alone
and don't have friends who are into lifting & dieting. Ausbb can
bring you "virtual" friends
* You can look back on your logs and see your progress check out what
works and what doesn't, and get feedback from other members
* And the best thing is that It's 100% free!

more about starting your own training diary

Step 3: Join The Community

Don't be Afraid to post even if some of the topics might be out of your league
don't hide in the shadows jump into General Topic and get to know some of the
girls and guys on the forum

Other Stuff to Do/Read:

  • FAQ. Everything
    on how to use this forum, how to start a thread, what to do if you
    lose your password, etc is explained here. Read it thoroughly, especially
    if you're not familiar with forums.
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    to Read The Forum Rules Thoroughly. The rules are enforced
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    the atmosphere fun for all .

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