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Thread: Kazakh director makes Borat sequel

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    Default Kazakh director makes Borat sequel

    Kazakh director makes Borat sequel

    A filmmaker from Kazakhstan has shot an unofficial sequel to Borat to improve his country's image.

    The 2006 original, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as a bumbling reporter who travels to the US, outraged the Kazakh government who threatened to sue the actor.

    Now Erkin Rakishev has made My Brother, Borat to show that Kazakhstan isn't the backward nation Cohen depicted. The sequel follows an American journalist called John, who visits the fictional village of Kusek and discovers it's a modern city. But the positive spin on Kazakhstan doesn't mean the film will be completely nice. My Brother, Borat apparently features one character being raped by a donkey.
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    Yay for donkey rape!

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    Borat he tell me he very much like this donkey and he very much like to make sexy time with this donkey, in its vuhjeen, then in...a how you she's ahnoose, yes ah make a sexy time in a ahnoose. Very nice, very nice, hiiiiiiigh-fiiiiiiive!


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