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    Default Friday Night Lights - TV series

    Just finished watching Friday Night lights Tv series season 1 - this is one of the best shows ive watched in a long long time - totally hooked! bought season 2 on Friday and will prob finish it this week lol....its easy to watch/not confusing story line...easy but ineresting watch!

    Anyone who likes sporting based tv shows will love this - even if you not a huge fan of sport there is still plenty to like about this show!

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    Just started reading the season 2 write up on wiki - I had to stop because it gave away to much lol - so anyone wanting to watch do not read the season write ups on wiki lol

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    Isn't it a movie :S Movie was good though. Never seen or heard of the tv series.
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    Yea its a football movie aswell - think its sort of a spin off from that...

    Dont think its ever been on in Aus - need to buy it or download it.

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    It is in AUS. Seasons 1 and 2 are avaliable at JB HIFI or whatever. Over here theyre upto season 5 so I'm gonna try find seasons 3 and 4 at Walmart or something so I can catch up.

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    Was it ever on aussie tv man? - cant remember it - maybe fox...

    Will prob buy seasons 3-4 this week!

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    Fox 8 yeah.
    I dunno bout free to air... if it was they probably showed it at some stupid time like 2am or something.

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    Its a good show im onto season season 5

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    Nice mate!

    Cant wait to get into season 2 - fingers crossed this weekend!

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    Lyla Garrity is one serious piece of ass!

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