Searching For Info on Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding

Ausbb has been around for quite some time now with a wealth of information and posts from users of over many of the common question have been asked and answered many times.

One of the most powerful tools on is the Search feature that you'll find at the top of every page on this site.

You can search by filling in either (or both) of two fields:

Search By Keyword.....
Search By User Name..

However one of the limitations of the search feature is that you can't search for words less than 4-letters long.

Here is an example of how you might searchfor information about barbells that I might have written:

Search By Keyword.....[_barbells____]
Search By User Name..[_admin______]

Or if you simply want every reference to the word barbells (regardless of author), then you would simply leave the Search by User Name field blank.

Note: you can also specify a specific forum (using the drop-down menu).

Happy searching!