Have had a few requests for Accounts and Posts to be deleted , here is the official Ausbb stance on the matter

We do not delete Accounts and posts as it screws the flow of the forum up , you may say for privacy reasons that is fair enough but you need to keep in mind when posting that your information is there for all to see, before you hit "post" make sure you don't reveal information that you don't want others to see

It's pretty much impossible to delete all of the content you have submitted. Even if users were once again able to close their own accounts, it would take at least one Super Moderator or Administrator to go through every thread you have posted in and remove quotes from posts where other users have quoted your closed account.

Removing one user's content would also leave huge gaps in threads across the forums. If multiple users began deleting their accounts, posts would be deleted from threads and even the original posts of some threads would be deleted. This would mean that some of these threads would be useless or impossible to follow.

Not to mention, Ausbb has no say over what is in Google cache or what content is archived on sites like the Way Back Machine. The Staff here at Aubb simply cannot be held accountable for all user submitted content. Instead we focus on removing things which may be harmful to users (like triggering content), deleting posts and threads which disrupt the community (spam), and banning users intending to disrupt the community (spammers and trolls, for the most part).

While we wont delete accounts , but what we can do is rename your account