We here at Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding want to help. The best way for us to help you , is for you ask your questions on the Forum. We don't care how stupid,advanced or simple the question may be. Do you have a thousand questions? That's no problem! Start 1000 threads. We welcome ALL your questions.

Try to refrain from asking the members questions via Pm, one question can often lead into 10 more questions , the member bay get annoyed with some many questions and end up ignoring your pm question, ask on the forum so that others that come a long with the same question can find the answers. When you ask on the forum those have time to respond will answer your questions. When you PM for advice, you are asking a lifter to make time for you. This can easily be abused.

This isn't a rule set in stone , well it isn't even a rule , only a bit of advice , We undersTtand that with such a community like Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding that you'll make friends , and they may welcome questions. We don't want to discourage conversations among friends.

This has only been put up so that powerlifters and bodybuilders don't getting hammered with questions.

When you post questions on the forum, everyone wins. Ultimately the thread titles are picked up by Google, bring in more traffic, and working to build a healthy, growing community.

If you feel like someone is being relentless in asking for advice via PM, please contact a moderator.