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Thread: Increase in Spam

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    Default Increase in Spam

    In the past Ausbb has had a pretty tight hold on the amount of spam messages that have appeared , this is due to some software that has been running behind the scenes checking ip address of known spammers on a global database against ip address wanting to register on Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding

    Due to an increase of false positives , users that were wrong flagged as being spammers simply because they shared an ip address those members normally sent me an email whereby i can manually set up an account for them

    I started getting tired of this so thought i would disable the anti spammer software to see what happens , well as you can see as soon as the software was disabled less then 24hrs spam has increased , the software will now be re-enabled
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    Warm feelings of joy and happy that you may fix keenly such problems of the forum and fight so freedom of time may be released to us in the moments of reflection to know so be all is continue.

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