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Thread: 120 pointers on strength training for women

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    Default 120 pointers on strength training for women

    Coregasm ehhh?????

    Any females able to confirm this can actually happen??

    120 Tips on Strength Training for Women

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    Quote Originally Posted by nazzysmith View Post
    Coregasm ehhh?????

    Any females able to confirm this can actually happen??

    120 Tips on Strength Training for Women

    I would guess a coregasm is a sign of a weak core and/or weak pelvic floor muscles.

    I have a strong core and hanging leg raises have never come close to an OOOOOH experience LOL

    these are generalised observations ... I'd say there is a broad spectrum that has not been accounted for.
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    When I first started training, I did some hanging leg raises and it made me want to piss my pants. Is that a male version of a coregasm?
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    Another 120 pointers...

    Breaking the Mold

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    lol at 37.

    1. Women love putting chalk on their hands and then clapping hard – thereby getting chalk everywhere rather than keeping it solely on the hands (they probably do this because they saw gymnasts do it)

    hahahah... really...

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    I read part of this yesterday. Now I get the chance to finish it. Towards the end...
    Women are more gullible and prone to gimmicks and fads in regards to exercise and fitness
    I think Bret underestimates how gullible men are.
    Many women don’t like the taste of protein shakes, whereas most men enjoy the taste

    Many women don’t consume optimal protein intake because they assume that items like yogurt and nuts are high in protein
    Does anyone like the taste of protein shakes the first time they try them? I remember my first protein shake -- I washed most of it down the drain, because deep down I could still remember the taste of baby formula, and that was just hyped up baby formula. It generally takes me at least a month to get used to a certain brand of protein shake, and each chocolate-flavoured protein supplement I've come across has added evidence to my theory that supplement companies think that because it's "healthy" they can give us "chocolate" that tastes like anus; so I've stopped trying to get used to them.

    I assume he means that average women think yoghurt and nuts are high in fat, not protein, otherwise his comment that they don't get enough food because they're afraid that certain foods are high in protein is an explanation that sounds like itself.
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