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    Default 1000posts

    So Ausbb (Australian Bodybuilding) has hit 1000 posts with 144 members , it might not seem like much compared to some of the other forums out there , but we're off to a good start

    Over the time a few changes have come about

    - some more addons to make your experience here at ausbb more friendly
    - branching out to cover other topics besides Bodybuilding , such bmx and mountain biking , with the 2 new partnerships of and

    - A female training forum , a place for the girls to get together and chat

    The staff here at would like to thank all our members for making it the place it is , good work guys and girls

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    New to this forum? Follow these steps:
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    3) Ask questions, post some answers, learn more
    4) Get back to the gym and build more muscle!
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    Message to all New comers and lurkers: Don't be Afraid to post even if some of the topics might be out of your league don't hide in the shadows jump into Hidden Content and get to know some of the girls and guys on the forum

    Hidden Content is all you need

    ps it's Graeme - not Graham
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    Default 1000posts

    good going guys and girls
    lets hope for many more posts to come , the place is starting to shape up quite nicely , a great bunch of ppl , helpful information

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    Default 1000posts

    congrats all

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