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    Default DIY gel ice pack

    at one time or another we are all bound to get muscle injuries , here's an easy and cheap way to make a homemade gel ice pack.

    Take a ziplock bag and fill it with water and rubbing alcohol(Isopropyl alcohol). A 60/40 mix of water to alcohol is probably best but you don't have to be too specific; just make sure there's enough alcohol to prevent the water from freezing solid.

    Fill the bag about half way . seal the bag, trying to get most of the air out. Use duct tape to tape the bag shut so that it doesn't spring a leak. Put the bag into another ziplock bag and tape this one shut as well. Now you're done.

    Throw the bag in the freezer and let it freeze over night and you have an ice pack that's less messy than ice cubes and molds to your body better.

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    Default DIY gel ice pack

    good tip, but only one problem , where does one buy rubbing alcohol(Isopropyl alcohol) from ?

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    Default DIY gel ice pack

    found that tip some time ago , in a household tip book i got given
    rubbing alcohol(Isopropyl alcohol) can be purchased from the chemist

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    OR... you could buy an ice pack. LOL. nah good idea man

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    It would probably be cheaper to buy an icepack

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    Great tip Jonboy. Love your work buddy.
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