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Thread: Good Bodybuilding mags in Australia?

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    Default Good Bodybuilding mags in Australia?


    I love bb mags coz they have articles on workouts, diets like nutrition, picture form guides on exercises der cool.

    But my que is whats the best bb mags in aus so i can buy?

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    They are just full of ads with the odd pic splattered through of guys on juice.. I was an avid mag reader years ago before internet, but now there is so much info and pics online I feel no need to depart with my $$$.

    FWIW.. This is the best Aussie mag available with limited ads and mostly Aussie stuff of course

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    save up and get books its prolly like 3 mags or 1 book id rather the book unless u subscribe.

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    I like 'muscle & fitness' Australian edition, 'Australian musclemag' and 'ironman'. I would stay away from 'men's health' it is full of ads. The article to ads ratio in the magazines I have recommended is about 3:1, so it's really not that much.

    One thing I've noticed though is that the whole issue of steroids is ignored, and you generally don't get bad reviews of supplements. Remember, these magazines are in the business of selling supplement ads, so if they mention that most supplements are crap and that what you really need is steroids they will lose advertising revenue.

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    Why would you read that crap?

    Like shrek explained, it's all biased and ad based. If you want workout and diet advice, you can spend days reading through threads on

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