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    Default Indispensable?

    So, do you think you’re indispensable to Ausbb? What is indispensable first? It’s when you think you’re absolutely necessary, essential, a requisite. Someone that the site would somehow fall into pieces if you don’t join it or decide to leave if you’re already an existing member. That’s indispensable for you.

    Let me do what I always do and that is to point the finger at myself first. Around July/August of 2009, I decided that I wanted to join a busy forum. So I went to Google and typed Australian bodybuilding forum. Ausbb was the first site that came up. I joined it. Ausbb was already busy before I joined it. I did not make it busy and neither did I increase the numbers of its members. Nothing seemed to have changed since that day. The numbers keep on increasing day by day.

    What would happen if I decide to leave Ausbb? The numbers will continue to increase I can assure you. Not Fadi and not a 100 Fadis could ever be indispensable to Ausbb.

    Shrek and Admin were busting their back side before I showed my face around the joint. Shrek had over 2000 posts! Without you here, each and every single one of you individually; I don’t and won’t learn anything. There would be no one to share with and learn from.

    So the take home message from all of this is the following: if you or your ten mates think for a moment that you make Ausbb what it is; I say you’re seriously deluded. Ausbb will be here with you or without you whoever you are. I detest this supremacy type of mentality. The person or persons who have this mentality will always stand out from everyone else based on their communication skills or the lack of.

    Ausbb is about mate-ship; learning and sharing of ideas. Ausbb is not about bullying and thinking you’re above the rest of us. It’s about one team: Ausbb.

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    when i joined people were posting up about eating cocoa pops and wearing sunglasses in the gym thats what caused me to join up in the first place, its completely changed now and that was only a few months ago. new members will continue to join up and old ones will leave thats a given on forums anyway. its the active ones that count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyjak View Post
    its the active ones that count.
    I see your point and respect it. To me it's the ones who know the meaning of the word team that counts, in addition to being active as you have said.

    1984 Age 18, BW 73kg: FS195kg, BS200kg, 162.5 3x10, PC 140kg, C&J 160kg. 1987 Age 22, BW 77kg BS 130kg x20, 120kg x50.

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    The personalities of different members is what gives a forum like this it's overall personality.
    You need all kinds of individual personalities to make up a forum, otherwise it would be boring.

    I too joined up when it was all fun and games and just nonsense being discussed, which I found very entertaining and a good way to relax and be not so serious.
    There were serious posts around too, but now some more knowledgable members have come on board and there is a lot of good information being discussed.

    Many topics discussed have moved away from the original intent of this forum - BodyBuilding, for the purpose of bodybuilding....

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    a forum doesnt have to be fake niceness to each other all the time. different personalaities is great on a forum as well as different styles of typing to express opinions, except when every thread turns into a thread about a certian person. but apart from that sometimes things need to be said bluntly. i like this forum and the posts that go up. some controversy in needed.
    i agree completely about the non bullying stuff but i personally havent seen that happen yet. well as i would see bullying anyway, people may have different opinions on that.
    it would be extremely funny to see everyone on here in the one location talking to each other. i am pretty certain it would be the same as on the forum, some not sayiing much, some sayign a lot, and i am very positive if someone said something completely wrong they would be corrected.
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    I agree with Dave, all I can remember is fruit loops and other stuff and not much talk about actual Bodybuilding or training previously. I really like this place now and feel it has really come into its own. This is now my primary forum that I view.

    It is alot more serious now, which I like, and there is alot more sound advice going around. Time will tell soon when alot of the newer guys are posting up pics and lifts in 6 months. I have a feeling that there will be some impressive stuff going on and that will be because all bases are being covered in the beginning. I wish I found a forum like this when I was first starting out.

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    Good to hear all this postive feedback.

    I was around hen there was onlt 5-10 posts per day, but I hung around knowing the potential it had and it's definately lived up to it.

    Keep it up people.
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    Yes I'm a pussy

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    Just yesterday the forum had the most posts it has ever had in one day.

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    Fruit Loops?...Coco Pops?
    Man, I missed out!
    Were the cereal topics about pre-workout nutrition or just general cereal appreciation threads??

    On a serious note though, I don't agree on the all personalities part.
    Most personalities...sure...but the bad ones don't help in any situation.
    While taking out the controversial/bad personalities might make thing less exciting(I wouldn't say boring though) I think this forum (being an Aussie one) should be about sticking together and helping each other.
    An uplifting community, not one for cheap thrills.

    There is a rather large US BB forum misc section with more cheap thrills and controversy then this forum could ever imagine!
    If you want to try be top dog and uncompromising in opinion then I certainly don't have time for that...but there are plenty of people in the misc section who thrive on it

    That's just my 2c anyway

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    Man I miss coco pops

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