Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding has a feature to keep track of threads that you are interested in. It is by means of a feature called "subscribe"

You can easily subscribe to any thread on the forum. To subscribe to a thread, click the "Thread Tools" drop down at the top of each thread and click "Subscribe". You will then be presented with 4 options on how you want to be notified when someone posts in that thread.

- No email notification
- Instant email notification
- Daily updates by email
- Weekly update by email

You can choose whatever suits you. To view your subscribed threads that have new posts you just have to click the "User CP" link on the top left hand side of the screen.

To unsubscribe to a thread, just load the thread up, click the "Thread Tools" drop down and select "Unsubscribe". That's it!

This is very handy as the forum grows and it gets harder to keep up with threads.
Any questions about subscriptions let me know. Enjoy!