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Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding Mission Statement

Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding is a community driven message board which seeks to provide a supportive, educational and friendly environment for everyone who are seeking information on bodybuilding, strength, health and fitness, cycling and general athleticism. The subject range also covers topics relating to nutrition, food, diet and sport specific information no matter what the activity or the experience level is.

The goal of the board is to become an active and thriving community of people sharing information, learning from each other and empowering themselves in the process.

Ausbb - Australian bodyBuilding is a community driven board which means that the board is essentially yours. We do this voluntarily, with no profit/income because we are passionate about the issues. While Ausbb does have advertiser the money generated all proceeds are used for the costs of running Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding. This includes hosting fees, vBulletin license renewals, and other costs associated with maintenance and features for our users.

There are no undisputed experts or "board owners". Everyones contribution is valuable. Please treat this as your community.

If you have any suggestions to improve, please feel free to start a thread in the"Rules, Information and Minor Announcements" section of the forum or email/ PM (sending a private message via the boards PM system) one of the moderators


We all know what the word team means; and we also know what a team player means to us all. Here at Ausbb, I'd like to think that we are ALL members of that one single team.

When a team mate is down; we all want to lift him or her up. When a team mate is lost; we all want to show them the way.

We do not kick our team mate when they are down and feeling at their most vulnerable position.

We do not mock and insult our team mate when he or she shows lack of knowledge or understanding in a certain area.

That is not the Aussie way and it's most certainly NOT Ausbb’s way.

The above is not meant to single anyone of you out but rather to put us all on the same leveled playing field.

I say the above to myself before I say it to anyone of you. I am NOT above anyone of you here because I simply know a thing or two. I'm here to learn from the least learned and the least experienced of you all. No one needs to feel intimidated in the least because here at Ausbb, we are ALL equal!

If I fail to abide by the standards I've described above; then I will resign from my position as a moderator and will leave the forum.

If on the other hand you fail to abide by the standards which are set above; then I will make sure that your post is deleted and I'll PM you about it. Failing a second time will have you deal with the administrator.

That was my message to each one of you, (myself first).

Thank you for your time.

Written by Fadi


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