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Recent content by Bazza20

  1. B

    Human Natural Diet??

    Mick with your level of fitness, meat likely would have only been available when the hunters in the tribe has excess and gave you some. Hardly available all year round.
  2. B

    Human Natural Diet??

    “Naturally” we never had supermarkets with easy access to almost unlimited foods wether in a packet or not. That includes “natural” foods. Whats natural about having access to meat or fruit and veg any time of day or night. “Naturally” you had to spend a lot of energy catching an animal and...
  3. B

    The Game Changer

    Watched it. There is really no proper research presented, they even say that at one point. That doesn’t make it right or wrong. Most people could do with eating less meat and more fruit and veg but that’s up to them. Plenty of people will latch onto this for 5 days and then go back to eating...
  4. B

    The second amendment

    “Are guns just for ******s and cowards” wood: yes. Haha. Really should be listening to the intellect of this bloke.
  5. B

    Israel Folau and freedom of speech

    If two blokes want to smash each other’s ring holes in or two chicks want to tongue punch fannies, good for them. Why do some people care what others are up to in their personal life. some people seem nervous they will catch the gay. Protesting too much? People can live their own life. Not...
  6. B

    Israel Folau and freedom of speech

    Work out the minimum of Aus law before you carry on like you are.
  7. B

    Israel Folau and freedom of speech

    He was warned. Yes.
  8. B

    Israel Folau and freedom of speech

    Australia is a secular country.
  9. B

    AFL Thread

    Don’t care who wins and knowing what the afl usually do it will be out of date and sub par entertainment like usual.
  10. B

    Israel Folau and freedom of speech

    No matter what you still have responsibilities for what you say.
  11. B

    Carbohydrates, are they necessary?

    If you are going to mention me at least get it close to right Mick. The one program I didn’t get stronger on was 531, hardly the best strength program. A lot of people struggled on that. Intensity, volume and progression were just too low and slow. Basically every other decent program I did...
  12. B

    Fasted training

    Training fasted works fine for me but I’m no good on low carb.
  13. B

    Why Run??

    Good to see wood still trying to use gifs to defer from his posts showing he has zero clue on this topic and has no issue posting on topics he has zero knowledge. . Lol.
  14. B

    General food related banter

    Too much of anything isn’t good Mick. Even you can work that out. Surely, but maybe not.
  15. B

    Trump - Republican Nominee (President)

    wood. If I was able to vote, trump wouldn’t have got my vote. But the green lace bandana suits you.