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Recent content by howzit

  1. howzit

    Cutting Calories

    Last time I cut, I lost too much muscle for my liking, I think it was because having too low calories as I dropped the weight pretty quick. Had no proper carbs only eating meats and vegetables (although no potatoes etc), only a bowl of oats in the mornings. What sort of calorie target should I...
  2. howzit

    Post workout carb

    Wow, it's been a while since I posted here... Anyway, I've run out of dextrose and been thinking about trying something else. My friend recommended having creamed rice in a can. Would that create the same insulin spike as the dextrose and is it as fast absorbing? Any thoughts?
  3. howzit

    L-Glutamine Dosage and Times

    Hey guys I decided to buy some pure L-Glutamine (1kg for $55) and was wondering what sort of dosages to take and at what times. I was thinking 15g a day, 5 in morning, 5 afterworkout and 5 before bed. Everything else I find on the interwebs is pretty mixed.
  4. howzit


    I'm about to order a 20kg WPC bag and Professional Whey | Australia’s Supplement Specialists for Whey Protein Powder & Sports Nutrition at Wholesale Prices look very attractive at $250+$12 shipping flat-rate. Has anyone ordered with them in the past? Any feedback? Cheers
  5. howzit


    I am quite annoyed with how my traps look. They are big only towards the neck and go down diagonally from there, not the box type look. Maybe there might be something missing with my traps workout. Normally I do around 4 sets x 12-15 with 50kg dumbbells, whenever I do shoulders, normally once...
  6. howzit

    Cottage Cheese or Protein Shake b4 bed?

    What should I take? 250g of cottage cheese before bed or a protein shake with milk? I managed to score a couple of tubs of 500g cottage cheese for $1.80 from wollies yesturday, expires on the 6th of August. Still plenty of time :P
  7. howzit


    Since I've come back to the gym, I'm just so eager to train. I want to know if I'm overtraining by going nearly everday with a 3 day split (legs/should chest/tris back/bis)?
  8. howzit

    Questions supplement companies don't want to be asked

    PROTEINDIRECT - Questions supplement companies don’t like to be asked Pretty funny and true. Thoughts?
  9. howzit

    Supplement Price Hikes

    Hey guys, After 3 months of a break (being too busy to join a gym after my memebership expired), I've rejoined my local gym and have been going for around 3 weeks. My strength has come back to me and have regained most if not more than what I had lost (around 5kg). I wanted to buy some...
  10. howzit

    10x10 GVT

    Anyone tried German Volume Training? I wanna try it next week but am having trouble finding some good workouts. Anyone got any recommendations? Cheers
  11. howzit

    Best getting back into it routine?

    I've been on a 2 month break due to exams and moving country and I started back last week. I have the ability to train twice a day and have been doing that most of last week. I've noticed decreases in strength between 60-80% with my bench being the most effected. I bench around 60% of what I...
  12. howzit

    Meat, meat and meat.

    Where do you guys get your meat? Everywhere where I live meats pretty expensive, unless it's on special. Chicken breast is upwards of $13 per KG :( So atm, I'm buying blade steak for $9 a kilo, tastes great too. Just found classicmeats.com.au so will be ordering in bulk from here when my...
  13. howzit

    How much do you pay for gym membership?

    I just signed up at the Arena in Aramdale, WA for 3 months for $235. Just wondering what sort of prices you folks here are paying. My gym is pretty new and is a council funded gym, I thought it was quite expensive. I came from a gym in NZ where I paid $450NZ up front for the whole year, was much...
  14. howzit

    NO-XPLODE and Cellmass?

    Hey guys, I'm 18 and I've been lifting for about 2 years, until recently I've come off a 2 month break as I had exams and I moved to Aussie. I've recently started training again and am buying supplementary once again. My performance has decreased a bit and I lost 5KG over this 2 month period :(...