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Recent content by Russell Coight

  1. Russell Coight

    Reporting posts

    Is it possible to report posts with the new forum software? Can't work it out.
  2. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Yep good. Part 1 almost as good as part 2.
  3. Russell Coight

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime

    I noticed one thing, when clicking on Home on the top menu, the page doesn't exist. Goes to https://ausbb.com/xen
  4. Russell Coight

    New program idea

    What do you guys think of PPP? I'm just looking for something simple. I'm thinking of doing it for the 3 main lifts plus overhead press 4 days a week with hypertrophy/assistance whatever as well. This is what I've put together: Monday Squat PPP Quads Split squats 3 x 15-20 Leg...
  5. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Just had a thought, we need a random great song thread. Something not many may have heard of preferably, just random great tracks you've come across.
  6. Russell Coight

    Ideas for Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu program

    Hi guys, Mainly after some advice on what exercises to do on what days. If it helps, I haven't tested 1RM's properly but best lifts are: Squat: 140kg x 1 Bench: 80kg x 2 Deadlift: 160kg x 3 Press: at a guess 55kg x 1 Pendlay row: 70kg x 2 I'd like to focus on getting bench and OHP up...
  7. Russell Coight

    Bench press tips

    I've been reading Sticky's bench tips and I'm just after some tips on getting the elbows tucked in. The grip width I normally use is to have my little fingers on the markers (not sure what they're called) but I find it hard to tuck the elbows in with this grip width. Arm span is 185cm, height...
  8. Russell Coight

    PTC style gym in Melb

    Hi guys, Is there a PTC or PTC type of gym in the northern suburbs of Melb? thanks