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Recent content by Tyrone B.

  1. Tyrone B.

    Buying online

    Stuff definitely gets through; customs doesn't have the means or the manpower to check every single package that enters the country. That said, you're pretty much flipping a coin as to whether anything gets through or not. Not to mention finding a legit site that ships discreetly.
  2. Tyrone B.

    Advice about upcoming cycle..

    For the people that do use them out of those reasons, absolutely. But please don't tar anyone who does use them with the same brush; steroids aren't necessarily the 'easy' way out, and anyone who uses sensibly works much harder and sticks to a way better diet than they ever did whilst natural...
  3. Tyrone B.

    Lol at scamming steroid sites.

    Some stuff does get through, but it's pretty hit and miss. I was speaking to a pharmacist in Thailand last year and he was showing me some of their packaging methods...pretty clever stuff!
  4. Tyrone B.

    Steroids - FAQ, and a thread for the n00bs.

    Keep going with the writeups on different compounds Sticky! Tren, EQ, Mast, Primo.....
  5. Tyrone B.


    So what exactly does home brewing gear involve? I've heard about it a bit but never really red up on it too much. Do you just get some sort of powder form of the compound and just mix in a bit of castor oil (or whatever sort of oil they use), or is a little more involved than that?
  6. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    motorbike accident mate....I was hit by a car! i have plenty of pics, i'll put a few more up tommorow :)
  7. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    warning : pretty gory. http://imgur.com/3swPL looks better now, but that was when they first did it. the white mesh like stuff you can see is actually the skin graft itself.
  8. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    hah, you should see the skin graft!
  9. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    well this is how my femur looked after the crash. and yes i will be able to squat again :) http://i.imgur.com/YzEiO.jpg
  10. Tyrone B.

    Shocking Facts About Coke (Coca Cola)

    Though I drink it very rarely (maybe one can a fortnight or one a month) I fucking LOVE cold coke. I'll never give it up! Don't even get me started on the 'other' coke :)
  11. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    sorry to resurrect this ancient thread, but ive been curious about something. you say it doesn't really matter when you eat what, and that the 'meal' shouldn't really dictate what you eat or when. does that mean if I worked out all the stuff to make up the amount of calories needed, and...
  12. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    only reason i'd have one first thing in the morning is cause, as i said, im not a huge eater first thing and i find it infinitely easier to have a liquid breakfast. shouldnt be too hard to get back into the 70's somewhere, but pushing beyond about 75kg has proved tough in the past; although my...
  13. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    yeah mate thats definitely sound advice and i can appreciate that. i have maybe 6kg of mass gainer and 4kg or so of wpc. perhaps ill save the mass gainer till after ive put a bit of weight back on.
  14. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    cant we allow just one mass gainer shake? :D
  15. Tyrone B.

    a little help please?

    thanks for the reply mate, thats exactly what i was looking for. excuse the poor diet, its been quite a while since i drew one up, and i was basing the 3200 calories off my previous weight :P so 35x63 = 2200 cal. looks like i can scrap the mass gain shake before bed. ill still keep the one in...