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Search results

  1. Puggy

    2018 World Cup soccer

    We'll see how far Spain gets but if I get the final stage, I'll hedge the bet for a profit guarantee by betting on Spain to lose using an exchange too.
  2. Puggy

    2018 World Cup soccer

    Cup has been very difficult to predict this year, I usually have a go each year at picking a couple of winners, been all over the place this time around, last year and the year before was very good. France vs Argentina should be low scoring, this time in the tournament teams won't take too many...
  3. Puggy

    Pre-Workout Supplement Thread

    Been ages since I posted here. Been trialling Redcon Defcon1 preworkout for a while now, started with half a scoop after having a semi break from caffeine for a few weeks. Got a pretty good response, nice, clean energy and focus. One workout later I had built some kind of tolerance, upped to a...
  4. Puggy

    Worst exercises

    I'd actually credit the size of my biceps to a lot of preacher curling when I first started. But I'd also credit them for the injuring my elbow as well, but they added some size for sure. I always went light for up to 15 reps.
  5. Puggy

    Worst exercises

    Two exercises that are problematic for me are: Barbell Rows Pull-Ups or Assisted Pull-Ups I've tried a few different variations and still get bad pain in my wrist extensors and flexors. No point doing either when I can get similar results from other rows and pulldowns. In terms of worst...
  6. Puggy

    Protein supplement for seniors

    +1 for BN WPI, can't fault the flavour selection, a flavour for everyone. I'm sure he'll like it and find it easy to put down. Also about as cheap as a good quality WPI blend comes and the more you buy the cheaper it gets.
  7. Puggy

    Which national cuisines do you enjoy?

    Well, I'm a big fan of Japanese and Thai food.
  8. Puggy

    Genki gym equipment

    crazysales is similar aliexpress, mostly cheap copies. That being said, sometimes it is our brands that copy those products. So you can go around paying the Australian RRP with the branding, etc or maybe find a diamond in the rough via one of these sites. Personally, I would tend to steer clear...
  9. Puggy

    AFL Thread

    Rarely bet on any finals of any kind, but I thought this worthy of a punt.
  10. Puggy

    Load the muscle not the bar...

    The thing is progression is something better measured objectively, to track numbers is seen as a lot more accurate than something like the subjectivity of how well you 'think' you have trained your muscles. Sure, you can make mental progression but in your mind maybe what you see on paper is...
  11. Puggy

    Load the muscle not the bar...

    Fadi, I believe by now this is common knowledge among the weightlifting community. I would at least hope so. As you mention, some have different goals and if you're strength training you're worried less about the contraction and more so about moving the weight. Those doing hypertrophy training...
  12. Puggy

    [Tv] What are you watching at the moment?

    Mr Robot just finished up. Gotham, Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, The Strain, Fear The Walking Dead all starting off again.
  13. Puggy

    What are the best brands of protein?

    I've never gotten sick of Strawberry BN WPC, that being said I'm pretty infrequent in consumption of protein supplements.
  14. Puggy

    What are you or what did you train today?

    Upper Push + Calves
  15. Puggy

    Is Jeff Seid's physique achievable without steroids?

    Absolutely possible naturally, he is well within the possibilities of the lean body mass ratio. Whether he actually achieved it naturally is another story, he is quite young still. But he definitely has good genetics, steroids or not. These are very flattering pictures of him.
  16. Puggy

    New program idea

    This sort of volume looks a little like the crazy volume I used to lift. Sure, good for gains provided you're eating enough but not sustainable for more than 6 weeks at a time. I'd crash, have to have a week off then start up again. I got used to it eventually but I developed some problems in my...
  17. Puggy

    Mr Olympia 2016

    Shrek; on the money, Phil once again brings the complete package.
  18. Puggy

    Mr Olympia 2016

    Back Double Bicep - Phil, Levrone, Dexter, Rhoden
  19. Puggy

    Mr Olympia 2016

    Phil vs Levrone
  20. Puggy

    Recent Kevin Levrone

    Provided he doesn't relax his gut too much, I think he will place. Certainly far better than the photo's on his Instagram.