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    Older lifters training thoughts

    Yes, drugs free. I have a sedentary but taxing job (pastor) and although I'm a tad competitive, comps on weekends don't really work for me, though I did go in my first amateur club comp last year on a Saturday and that was a great experience.
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    Older lifters training thoughts

    Yeah, I think that's right, the principle or law of deterioration is sound, but you're right, it depends where each person is at. I feel like I'm getting towards my peak and maybe it's a delayed peak because of starting later in life. As Simo74 notes, it's seems training and avoiding injuries...
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    Older lifters training thoughts

    Thanks, for those replies. I stagnated for a while in the gym and mentally just assumed I wouldn't make may improvements agreeing with the obvious logic of Bannedgerry. It's just that I had long service leave recently and made a concerntrated effort to lift heavier which I haven't done for a...
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    Older lifters training thoughts

    G'day, It's been a while since I was on AUSBB. A bit of history: I'm 53, 84kg and been lifting for about 10 years or so consistently, but in the last few years (particularly afer my bike accident the frequency is now daily). I have only got back to doing squats in the last 9 months (re...
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    Back after a long break

    Yep, welcome back bloke... I too have been away from AUSBB for awhile, but not from the iron. Trust your training goes well.
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    cortisone injection shoulder

    Yes, it's capped at 3 injections. I will be keen to see the latest scans and see what they reveal. Thanks again for the heads up.
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    cortisone injection shoulder

    Thanks, Graham. The specialist was very clear that it often does not work or masks pain and makes things worse, yet can be helpful for others. Having said that, I'm considering having another... I did try natural recovery and rested from early November to early Feb (I also skull fractures and...
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    cortisone injection shoulder

    After a motorbike accident late last year, I tore the bicep tendon (among other things). Had a cortisone injection in February this year and after a week I was back lifting, I know it doesn't work for everyone but it did for me. After 3 months, it is starting to show signs of soreness again so I...
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    home gym users - how often do you do it?

    Have only gone to a commercial gym once (on hols). Home gym gets used by myself, my son and my wife everyday of the week except Sunday (day of rest). I can bang out my songs as loud as I want, and yell brouhahah at P.B's (until my neighbour gently reminds me how loud it gets) with just shorts on...
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    Which physique would you choose? - And why.

    Probably Hallet based on strength and athleticism but Pudzianowski is mighty impressive.
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    Venom Protein Review

    So what was the wash up in Lab report? I have used Venom (wild berry) and Bulk Nutrients (strawberry). Difference in taste is amazing, the BN dissolves in 10-15 shakes and tastes brilliant imo, the Venom takes for ever, and I still find undissolved lumps when I drink it, and it is drinkable at...
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    Your transformation photos

    Thanks guys, I would like to loose a tad more fat and then start tightening up the muscles. It'd good to step back and see you the progress. Cheers.
  13. R

    Your transformation photos

    First pic was late 2008? At around (no pun intended) 105kg. Second pic around 80-81kg. Obviously I'm at the early stage of of building muscle (so go easy) and still need to loose some fat...so perhaps not transformation but progress.
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    How do you cook your steak?

    3cm scotch fillets, seared 1 minute each side, then another 5-6minutes per side. All up takes 12-13 minutes and they are pink in the middle, served on spinach, with sweet potatoes and covered in pepper sauce on a sizzling steak plate. I get my scotch fillets delivered from my online butcher...
  15. R

    Your transformation photos

    Awesome. Credit for hard work bloke! I def want to have some pics on here one day...just not yet!
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    [Article] Fadi on Bodybuilding

    On ya Fadi, blessings.
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    my body is really annoying me

    Mate, hope that goes well.
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    Your transformation photos

    Yup, filled out and a major visual difference, good stuff bloke.
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    Your transformation photos

    Yup, inspiring stuff, way to go bloke.
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    [Article] Getting to know the squat - All you need to know about squatting.

    I''l second that, esp helpful for newbies like me.