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Search results

  1. Rambodian

    "Fat Pride"

    She may be comfortable with how fat she is but she is definitely not a good role model. This is a lazy person justifying the way she is, which is OK, but don't make out it's anything more than a unhealthy lifestyle. And to say they need protection is ludicrous, if she wants protection from...
  2. Rambodian

    Dumb, Drunk and Racist

    Yep, seen 1 episode and thought I could better spend my time getting my ass wooped by kids on xbox lol
  3. Rambodian

    Show us your Home Gym

    lol ;)
  4. Rambodian

    Sex House - Meet The Nymphos - Ep. 1

    Someone's been lurking in the dark corners of youtube lol What a joke this show, just ridiculous.
  5. Rambodian

    How much sleep do we need?

    Yeh, logical as always Andy, that makes complete sense to me. It's something I don't do often, but I have recently backed off on the suger laden processed foods and I am feeling better rested the last couple weeks. Might try and back off the coffee a bit too, my old man reckons after a couple...
  6. Rambodian

    How much sleep do we need?

    Yeh I wonder about this too, I have horrid sleep patterns. No more than 4hrs or 5 if I'm lucky. Read that 8hrs was good for all round health, but being a shift worker I never seem to be able to any more. Even if I got a couple days off I still have short sleeps.
  7. Rambodian

    Who stretches?

    Mot of the time I just do warm up sets, but every now and again I feel like I need a good stretch. Sometimes before, sometimes after, depends how I feel on the day. I use to do a pre-workout warm up and go straight into work sets but haven't done that for a long time now. The way I structure my...
  8. Rambodian

    flatter tummy

    I think diet plays a very important role here. If i were you I would eat more whole natural foods in the place of processed foods, unless you process it yourself and know exactly what's in it. Keep it how it comes from nature, every time I do this I loose more body fat overall, and it makes it...
  9. Rambodian

    How Attractive Are You?

    SMOKIN FWAAARKEN HOT BISHES!!!! And I choose to ignore those who say I got belted with the ugly tree. Superior good looks gives me the confidence (arrogance) to look down at those liars......because they must be jealous......:D And I heard somewhere in the impoverished world that fat people...
  10. Rambodian

    Cauliflower Puree

    Hmmmm, will try this as I don't like cauliflower much so this might let me add it back to the meal plan. Thanks mate, great suggestion.
  11. Rambodian

    the what u saw at the gym TODAY thread

    LOL, shoulda got pics man......that goes down into the classics categories bwahahahahaaaa:D:D:D
  12. Rambodian

    July Calf Challenge

    If I did this challenge my calves would take over my quads lol this challenge is scaaaaaary hard looking
  13. Rambodian

    The training intensity test

    Good post Andy, but I guess it's technically how you measure intensity. For me I have always used intensity as a measure of how much weight I lift...eg, high intensity for me is 90% of 1rm. Training to full failure would thus be a maximum effort style of training to me. So I interpret the above...
  14. Rambodian

    Post your goals - RIGHT NOW!

    My goals right now one word Consistency Would love to regain my numbers and go beyond, but right now I just want to keep my training consistent and start getting results again.
  15. Rambodian

    Sydney's Best new Gym ?????

    It looks like an awesome gym, don't understand how some would think otherwise. Having said that, I agree that atmosphere is important, but I also like a gym to have enough equipment that you don't have to wait and wait and wait. It looks like a proper gym, balanced for all lifters be it strength...
  16. Rambodian

    Is it awkward for men to buy thier female companions clothes?

    I can never buy clothes for my wife, she is just waaaaaaaaaay to picky. She can go shopping all day without purchasing anything because she doesn't like any of it. Hence the reason I don't go shopping...........fwaaaaaaaark that! One thing I've discovered over the years is that woman have to...
  17. Rambodian

    Garage gym

    Wow, that's a great set-up Gettingbigger. Samfisher47, I would go the Assault rack from Iron Edge mate, it's way way better quality, I have seen one in the flesh and I rate it one of the best you could buy in Aus IMO. If I had the spare cash that's the one I would buy. I bought Iron Edge...
  18. Rambodian

    Nautilus training bulletin #1

    Allot of people are easily offended by his harsh nature. I actually find comfort in his no bullshit approach.