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Search results

  1. J

    (Tennis) Australian Open 2015

    Disappointed to hear Tsonga is out, but looking forward to it. I'm hoping to be able to watch some of the big games better from over here in the UAE as midnight will only be just after work here! Simona Halep could learn a lot from Kournikova, although it's too late now. What a disappointment.
  2. J

    do you have a 'bare minimum' workout that you fall back on when extra busy?

    If I can't make it during the week I just will hit it Friday night straight after work, Saturday morning, sunday afternoon to try make up for it.
  3. J

    Favourite back workout

    Pullups hammer strength rows or vbar rows (using a landmine) or underhand bb rows; vbar cable rows; and either hypers or rack pulls. I've been running an upper / lower split in the last year or so, which means I have tended towards chest supported exercises like hammer strength rows so that...
  4. J

    lets talk accessory work

    I choose my accessory work based on time, any niggling issues with joints and what I feel works. For example: - time: accessory work is kept brief when I don't have long for the particular workout; - issues: I will switch from say skullcrushers to rope pushdowns if my elbows aren't happy...
  5. J


    Bosch is working well so far for us.
  6. J

    What exercises/lifts do you consider to be a waste of time?

    Not a big fan of dumbbell flyes either..
  7. J

    the what u saw at the gym TODAY thread

    Phone is also needed for contributing to this thread..
  8. J

    Max OT 5 day split

    Yeah be careful of the tricep pushdowns in particular, my elbows didn't appreciate it.
  9. J

    Tell usabout your usual bulking and cutting cycles

    After reading a good thread on tnation.com by a fairly well respected member on their forums, I've opted for the view that it's better to keep on bulking, overshoot and then come back down. Lots of little cuts, just lead to you spinning your wheels and ending up marginally bigger and only...
  10. J

    What piece of gym equipment do you find annoying?

    Seated hammy curls. There is a seated calf press machine where you push with your toes - I'm not a big fan of it, at least not in the brand we have at FF. The leg press is bad too.
  11. J

    What is the Most Effective Set/Rep Numbers to Gain Muscle?

    Let's leave step-ups out of this thanks.
  12. J

    5 Of The Richest Athletes In Bodybuilding

    Haha yeah - he was a millionaire before he was 22 apparently. Net worth $300M (http://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/celeb/actors/arnold-schwarzenegger-net-worth/)
  13. J

    Push Pull Legs (with extra days rest)

    Hmm, well the third exercise of each day is bicep, tricep or calf work so I don't think that's an issue. The inability to superset on the push or pull days is probably more of an issue from a flexibility of the routine perspective though (i.e. when short on time). Like I said, it's still under...
  14. J

    Boulder Shoulders

    See here perhaps: http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=26907
  15. J

    Push Pull Legs (with extra days rest)

    That's a good point about being able to superset because I often find that I have to superset things to get through my workout in time. In saying that, I am currently considering giving this type of push, pull, legs routine (from oldschooltrainer.com): Day One – Pull Deadlifts (conventional...
  16. J

    What's your diet like ?

    I'm not sure if that's correct generally, but my understanding is that you should avoid it if you get migraines (to help reduce the frequency).
  17. J

    Other sports?

  18. J

    Wide Grip Partial Deadlifts

    Picture / video?
  19. J

    Other sports?

    Soccer is a 'non-contact' sport, but a huge part of the game for me is placing myself between the ball and the other guy so that I can manoeuvre away to make a pass or enabling me to shoulder a guy off the ball. Adding 30kg since high school, while staying relatively quick, has meant that it's...