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    Gay Marriage, do you support it?

    Well that ship has sailed...in victoria ( and probably all of australia) same sex couples can already access ivf. To me that defeats one of the primary arguments against. They can already sleep together live together have kids together, let them sign the damn paperwork and let them have a...
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    Viagra or ciallis?

    Cant help you with the online website side of things, but as previous posters the cialis will last longer, less chance of headache, but the cost...4 tabs of cialis will set you back around $90 in a pharmacy, but you can get generic viagra 4pk for about 12 bucks in store. Given the cost of...
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    Russian Doctor kills a patient with one punch

    He must have been fucking the nurse to react like that Should have the book thrown at him. Patient was never in position to take a punch. The Dr could have hit him anywhere