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Search results

  1. kramer1

    Convicted paedophile and diabetic Rolf Harris in hospital after chocolate binge...

    i agree with this ^^^^^^ this is the alternative http://www.nytimes.com/video/world/asia/100000004108808/the-killing-of-farkhunda.html
  2. kramer1

    TV show looking for aspiring fitness models & bodybuilders

    LOL send in repacked they always like a token homo for these sorts of things
  3. kramer1

    TV show looking for aspiring fitness models & bodybuilders

    whats the bet he ends up drugged to the gills and starring in the some gay porn movie
  4. kramer1

    Terror in Paris

  5. kramer1

    Protein Fudge Nuggets

    Finally a way to get obese people to eat protien
  6. kramer1

    Lifters ScoreBoard

    Claimed lifts indeed Sticky is lying to us
  7. kramer1

    100 burpees Challenge!

    tried 100 burps gave me a stomach ache i wasnt gassy enough,,i drink some coke next time
  8. kramer1


    i kill brown snakes on site got 2 i killed in jars of metho lol
  9. kramer1

    Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench

    jay cutler also says ,,cgb is the best movement for triceps
  10. kramer1

    Rank these in order of importance for a bodybuilder?

    genetics Diet & Nutrition training drugs
  11. kramer1

    Sports betting

    lulz i have my moments,,havnt smoked any for a while now be going on 6 months
  12. kramer1

    Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench

    cgb best movement for tri's
  13. kramer1

    Sports betting

    lulz, i bought a phone and a drone,,wasted the rest on weed
  14. kramer1

    Sports betting

    drew it out spent it
  15. kramer1

    Sports betting

    about to do a restart 300 in account,,here we go again
  16. kramer1

    [Boxing] Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

    fuck nah i hate gayweather, i only bet a 50 on pacman and lost 60 on ppv
  17. kramer1

    DNP kills girl

    any drug in a stupid dose will kill you, not just dnp
  18. kramer1

    Bali 9 Duo

    fuck em!!!!!