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Search results

  1. M

    [Tv] "The Shore" thread.

    DLing now, 78%, I'll be there soon... good show! Season 2 is much better. Season 1 was 6x23min Eps, this is 8x44min eps, much more Geordie for your pleasure this season. PS - Charlotte / Vicky are fugly!
  2. M

    [Music] Trance Apprecation Thread

    Not Trance, more House, but still EDM! Ferry Corsten - Ain't No Stoppin' Ferry Corsten ft. Ben Hague - Ain't No Stoppin' (Official Videoclip) - YouTube AND!!! Something better... Prepare for an audio induced orgasm! Elevation vs Grube Hovsepian - City of Angels The Gareth Emery Podcast 172...
  3. M

    Aussie Pro show

    No Shizuoka, didn't Kai compete here last year? I just heard from a mate who's there now and he says they are playing some lame ass history on BB Docco???
  4. M

    Aussie Pro show

    I was gonna go see this today, but I decided to fall asleep on the couch instead. YAWN!!!
  5. M

    the what u saw at the gym TODAY thread

    My gym buddy has done worse, we used to go full homo and have an hour long spa after our Sunday workouts, he cracked the shits when this Kunt used to go full nudez stylez in the spa, he vented, turns out the guy was a paraplegic lol... I LOL'd. He has since swapped gyms, phaggot...
  6. M

    the what u saw at the gym TODAY thread

    I got this phaggot who literally EYE RAPES me when I go have a shower at the gym, he sits in the spa and eye fucks me until I leave, the other day I said "WTF BRO?" turns out he's a legit retard, feelsbadman.jpg.
  7. M

    What's the youngest you'd go?

    LOL - Strong issues broseph, what could you possibly have in common with a 16yo? coloring books?
  8. M

    8500 samples to be given away at FitX

    Pics of lovely ladies? NAO!
  9. M

    Swisse ordered to cease vitamin advertising due to misleading claims.

    INB4 every supp company in Australia is banned from advertising!
  10. M

    Bodybuilding Doco's

    Don't forget to snort creatine, it absorbs quicker and turbochargers your gainz!
  11. M

    Mel Chancey - Hells Angel

    Agreed, I didn't watch his vids because of his BB accomplishments brb high BF% brb competing in master category brb shitty bicep insertions brb oni facial genetics I just wanted to hear about his headstomp stories etc, and he delivered!!!
  12. M

    Bodybuilding Doco's

    Joel, do you even lift?
  13. M

    Mel Chancey - Hells Angel

    I don't want to down play his achievements but meh... Lettuce be cereal, he's on RXMuscle because of who he is, not because of what he has accomplished as a BBer.
  14. M

    Bodybuilding Doco's

    Fixed that for you.
  15. M

    Mel Chancey - Hells Angel

    She's got epic Dbol pimples (like Oni)/crazy junkies eyes/fucked make-up choices, pale junkie skin and all round fucked facial aesthetics, as I said, Oni like!
  16. M

    Mel Chancey - Hells Angel

    I actually watched this, dunno how it's relevant to RXMuscle.com as he's not really a bodybuilder but it was entertaining! PS - his daughter has Oni like facial genetics... poor girl lol
  17. M

    [Music] Trance Apprecation Thread

    FUUUARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK As they say... Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt -? Be Your Sound (Orjan Nilsen Remix) - YouTube
  18. M

    Post a bodybuilding pic.

    Brandon Curry, as far as IFBB goes is an under-developed Oni like phaggot, he should throw in the towel! Kai Greene vs Phaggy Curry! Epic growf vs under developed amateur!
  19. M

    opinions on "lean gains"

    Ding ding ding!