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Search results

  1. Rugby88

    Supplement Stacks

    Old school style of thread - done by an old school supplement sl*t.....What are people currently taking? / What have people been taking recently that seems to be working? Current stack; - Ashwagandha - B-Vitamin - Ginseng ** These three ^^ have been mainly used for stress, anxiety and energy -...
  2. Rugby88

    Starting home gym

    As some of you may be aware - I have not been training much, motivation is down - but also on the other hand I have just purchased my 1st home and will be moving in (all things going well) on the 16th on this month. It is a beautiful old country style home BUT it also has a fantastic garage and...
  3. Rugby88

    Powerlifting Comp in Prison

    Good watch....
  4. Rugby88

    Who will train on Christmas day?

    ............................................ :cool:
  5. Rugby88

    How good is Mexican Food

    ................its just great :cool:
  6. Rugby88

    Lets get srs in 2015

    In the new year who is willing to do my new - 30 day reverse detox, get fuarrrkin massive program with me? Per day - - GOMAD - Gallon of milk a day (Around 2600 cal, Whole Milk, 125-130 odd grams of protein) - EAKOSAD - Eat a kilo of steak a day (Around 1700 cal, Based off a Rump Steak, 300g...
  7. Rugby88


    Anyone else watch this? Just finished season 2 - really good show - would suggest highly!
  8. Rugby88

    Mike Tyson Training and Diet

    At the age of 16 Mike’s father died, thankfully the legendary boxing coach Cus D’Almato took him in and nurtured him as a son. At that age Mike was bigger than most of his peers, weighing between 80 – 90 kilos. When he started training for boxing and weightlifting, he followed a strict...
  9. Rugby88

    Goodnight Sweetheart

    Anyone watch this? Used to watch it? Old English show that aired from 1993-1999 about a guy who could go back to the 1940's during the War from the 90's - used to watch it as a kid - and my sister recently downloaded all the seasons and I am fucking hooked haha...
  10. Rugby88

    Urban Muscle

    Anyone try anything from these guys - must be newish to the Aussie Market - I have not heard of them - I got a 25% discount voucher from my gym so thought I might get some protein - Urban Muscle - The World's Premium Supplements Bodybuilding Supplements
  11. Rugby88

    Food on a budget

    What are some of the foods you used to buy when maybe you were on a tighter budget/or teenager than you are on now - when I was a teenager of course I didn't have as much cash as I do now to spend on food - some foods I used to buy when the cash was tight - - Powered Milk (used to milk it with...
  12. Rugby88

    Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and Marc Lobliner on How to be Great (Video)

    Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and Marc Lobliner on How to be Great | MUST SEE UNEDITED DISCUSSION - YouTube Anyone who can post so the video can be seen in the post please do - good watch!
  13. Rugby88

    Best store?

    Best store to get Powerlifting equip, elbow sleeves, wraps etc - in Australia?
  14. Rugby88

    Exercise you used to hate....

    Is there one/or many exercises that you used to hate/hardly ever do but now love? For me it is Bench Press - I started training when I was 14-15 but never really did bench press consistently till I was about 20 - now it is by FAR my favorite exercise to do....
  15. Rugby88

    Butter in coffee/Bulletproof

    Seen afew people mention this - never really looked into it - what is the idea/benefit behind this? How do you make it, what else do you put in it?? Pros/Cons?
  16. Rugby88

    Forget meal timing, 6 meals, 3 meals, Pre/post workout meals

    .............its now all about eating the protein 1st on your plate for better body composition............. Hahahahahahahahhahaha Beginner Fitness
  17. Rugby88

    What got you hooked?

    What got you hooked on bodybuilding? A Magazine A Picture A Video A supplement What was it that got you hooked..... For me it was a picture of Luke Wood in a Max's Hydroxy Phase+ Protein add in Ironman Magazine....from then on 1. I wanted that supplement (Still came in those cool old school...
  18. Rugby88

    Bench 200kg+

    Who here has benched 200kg+ (Shirted/Raw - Does not matter)
  19. Rugby88

    Perfect day of eating?

    What would the "perfect" day of eating look like to you? If you could eat what you liked, when you liked, didnt need to stick to set calories etc? Snacks you would have, meals you would have etc etc......unhealthy, healthy - whatever floats your boat....
  20. Rugby88

    What does every1's current diet/setup look like?

    What sort of diet are you following? What does it look like in regards to eating times etc? Current "diet" - Meal 1: Select from acouple of options - * Protein Shake in Almond milk/Fruit * Oats, milk, peanut butter, protein powder, blueberries * Eggs and bacon - scrambled with...