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Search results

  1. M

    Ronin Barbell Club (Baulkham Hills, Sydney)

    Hi everyone, Having outfitted the garage into a pretty sweet home gym, I've decided to offer coaching/programming services via a barbell club. What is Ronin Barbell Club? Ronin Barbell Club was started to provide a supportive and hardworking atmosphere for those chasing down their strength...
  2. M

    Flat bench 30cm+ wide

    Howdy, Just wondering if there are any new options on the market for a 30cm (or more) wide flat bench. I'm looking at the Force USA currently (Force USA Commercial Flat Bench | Strength Equipment) as suggested in a previous thread. Waiting to hear back re: shipping from GetStrength (HT Heavy...
  3. M

    [Gaming] Crysis 2

    Anyone playing this on the PC? My current laptop can't handle it and I've been daydreaming on MSY website all morning... Curious as to if the multiplayer has any life to it or just another deathmatch fest.
  4. M

    Do you count calories/macronutrients etc?

    Oliver and I just had a discussion about this and I'm curious as to where others stand. Personally I've never seen the need - eat more to gain (if you don't gain, eat more again), eat less to lose. Eat protein with every meal, eat regularly. I will let Oliver state his own opinion if he wants...
  5. M

    3x bw sumo deadlift for 26 reps

    Pretty good effort, I guess YouTube - 26th Birthday Lifting Challenge
  6. M

    Eleiko (or similar quality) bumper plates in Aus - where?

    Wasn't sure which forum this went in, mods feel free to move. Basically looking to get a set of bumpers and new bar after I finish up with uni this year. I realise they are expensive as all get out, and that you are basically paying a premium to be doing a few lifts. I don't care, they are fun...
  7. M

    Diet thread #12135423

    Hey all, My main points with this are: 1. Something that won't break the budget while I'm still at uni (about 10 weeks). I'd like to keep it to $50 of my own money + shopping mum does. 2. I don't mind eating every day Post workout shake is to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'm looking to put on...
  8. M


    Currently I'm doing 4 weeks on / deload week / 4 weeks / deload...etc I've never really done a deload. As it stands I'm simply using ridiculously light weight compared to my working weights, and focusing on technique with higher reps. Is this an ok way to go about it? Any tips would be...
  9. M

    Different sexual appetites

    Is this as large an issue as I think it is? I'm not currently in a relationship, but having been in one (long term) with someone whose libido was effectively 1/10 I think it had a pretty big effect. There were a lot of other issues with that particular relationship though, so I have no...
  10. M

    630 pounds to this...

    Wasn't sure which forum to put this in. Might have done the rounds but it's the first time I've seen the transformation. I even remember seeing him and his trainer on a doco or something a while back (when he was still big). Incredibly slimming down (27 pics) Izismile - Pictures, videos...
  11. M

    Glute work

    I don't tend to feel my glutes after a regular squat/deadlift workout. If I do a max day I might, max deadlifts I usually do. Anyway I would like to work on getting them active, as I am assuming they are not contributing as much as they should be. From the deadlifting thread I saw the barbell...
  12. M

    The cost of eating well

    Yay procrastination. I have yet to be in a position where I could, consistently, buy all of my own food. I am curious as to what it costs to keep the various machines around here running, especially with healthy alternatives often being the more expensive option. If possible, a breakdown of...
  13. M

    Female training/weight loss and breast size

    Hi all, I sent out an email yesterday to mates etc offering to train them (for the experience - I graduate this year). One of the replies I got was from a female friend who has a number of goals, one being to lose some weight, but not from her boobs. My understanding is that while fat may be...