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Search results

  1. DKD

    Bang Bang You Da Yoyo

    Bang Bang's got the shits coz the Aussies tap dat phone of his. Tony Abbott says countries gather intelligence to protect their interests and ensure security. He's refusing to deny/confirm anything. Indonesians are fuming. Ambassadors gone home. Watchoo think on that?
  2. DKD

    Which exercise has given you most muscle growth?

    Not really interested in theoretical discussion or what Ronnie/Jay do, I'd like to read people's personal experiences. Which exercise best helped you to develop a particular muscle? For example, "couldn't see any gains on chest/back/triceps until I started doing X".
  3. DKD

    Why do tricep kickbacks get so much hate?

    School me. Answers such as 'coz they're gay' can be inserted into a convenient orifice rather than this thread. I have at times had elbow soreness from skullcrushers, and sometimes with pushdowns there's a temptation to cheat, form gets compromised and other muscles get worked. With...
  4. DKD


    I've recently become feverishly giddy over the taste of strawberry thick shakes from Donut King. Do they have no place in a weight training regime? I feel guilty when I have them. Should I relax or should I ditch them?
  5. DKD

    Private health care

    Is it worth the expense? Do u have it and are u happy? Are you thinking of getting it?
  6. DKD

    Move yo ass boy

    I saw a doco the other day that ran scientific tests on 3 different specimens: an office worker who did no exercise, an office worker who visited the gym for an hour 4-5 times a week, and a waitress who didn't visit gyms. Can't remember all the specific areas tested, but from a general health...
  7. DKD

    The Path of Most Resistance

    HYPERTROPHY HYPERTROPHY HYPERTROPHY Which one is more critical, increasing weight or reducing rest period between sets? I've always typically rested between 2-3 minutes between sets, but recently started playing around with 1 minute breaks. The rep count drops significantly with each set...
  8. DKD

    Sport and gambling

    Back in the 90s I used to enjoy playing Pick The Margins for rugby league, but generally speaking I dislike gambling on sports and don't do any at all these days. I've actually gone full circle and would like to see it banned completely. There is too much scope for sporting contests to be...
  9. DKD

    Your Daily Protein Intake

    I thought it might be interesting to get some info in one thread on how much, and what type, of protein the Aussbb folks consume each day. This could be an opportunity for people to chime in with constructive feedback on others' habits. Maybe some will pick up some useful ideas from what...
  10. DKD

    Killer created fake Facebook profile

    Killer created fake Facebook profile to lure girl to bushland Killer created fake Facebook profile to lure girl to bushland A MAN who created a fake Facebook account to lure a teenage animal lover into bushland before killing her has been sentenced to at least 21 years in jail...
  11. DKD

    Who's had good results with higher reps?

    I'm interested to hear stories from anyone who feels they've made good physique improvements on any particular body parts, using a higher rep range......say anywhere between 12-20 or beyond. I clearly recall Fadi saying once that he made the best gains on his back when he did higher reps for...
  12. DKD

    [Music] song stuck in your head

    Friend???? Har har mon!! :D
  13. DKD

    Olympic Lifters Physiques

    If you're a recreational lifter, training primarily to improve your physique, then you would have no doubt read all the routines out there that tell us to get adequate rest before hitting the same bodypart again. Some guys follow a once a week per body part split. Some use an A, B split which...
  14. DKD


    How is this ridiculous lump of total horse shit even considered a sport, let alone an Olympic event? Stupid bloody horsies bend their stupid horsie knees and prance up and down on the spot, in Richard Simmons fashion. Oh yeah baby, that's edge of the seat thrilling sports entertainment right...
  15. DKD

    The Ausbb Forum Film

    Indeed you are Viv!!! I meant Jamie-Lee circa the pic I posted....she was still ssssssssmokin' hot then. Ok? You got that straight? Calmed down now?? :D This is just too obvious of a set up Viv...I know what you're looking for.... ok, ok...I'll play along and deliver...
  16. DKD

    The Ausbb Forum Film

    Sofia Vergara as Bella Jamie Lee Curtis as ChocChilliMango Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza) as Oni Nick Nolte as Darkoz Woody Allen as PowerBuilder Har har, larf me arse awf! :D:D
  17. DKD

    The Ausbb Forum Film

    Starring The Hoff as The DKD He would do a Hoffalicious job of playing the DKD-licious one. Hardy har har :D:D
  18. DKD

    Melted Cheese vs Bacon

    I love melted cheese. On anything. Jaffles, toast, beef nachos, omelettes, pizzas....especially pizzas.....GTFO with your pizza if it ain't got no melted cheese on it. I love bacon. In embarrassingly vast quantities. When I go to hotel breakfast buffets, during work trips or on...
  19. DKD

    How can newbs prevent shoulder injuries?

    Reading around the forum it seems that so many of us, myself included, have had major issues with shoulder injuries through weight training. What can people that are new to weight training do to prevent the problems that have plagued us? Have any of us learned anything that we can pass on to...
  20. DKD

    Hypertrophy-based Conditioning (no KB, no prowler)

    I'd like to improve my conditioning. I could simply try running, walking, cycling etc, but I'd like to get the most bang for my buck and see if I can develop some muscle growth, whilst simultaneously improving my conditioning. I have a home gym, with rack, oly bar, trap bar, plates, dumbbells...