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Search results

  1. D1cko

    Trap bar

    I have one, and love it. It's awesome for rows and farmers walks. I don't deadlift with it much, but that's going to change in a couple weeks. After States, I would like to deadlift with it almost exclusively for a couple months to see what happens.
  2. D1cko

    What should a personal trainer look like?

    Honestly...I don't think I'd look at the persons physical stature...unless they were grossly obese and training general fitness. I think you'd find their reputation and client success would do the talking. You don't need to be good at something yourself to be a good coach. Pretty sure Tiger...
  3. D1cko

    What is your height and weight?

    A) What was your weight the day you touched the weights? Can't remember, somewhere in the low 100's I'd say- and about 30% bodyfat. B) What has been your lightest and heaviest bodyweight since the day you touched the weights? About 104kg, and currently at my heaviest- close to 130kg. C) How...
  4. D1cko

    Body of evidence; single or multiple sets

    This post is 100% perfect, and in so few words.
  5. D1cko

    Body of evidence; single or multiple sets

    I would probably justify doing multiple sets purely for the purpose of skills building. I don't think it matters what program, sets/reps etc... As long as you are going hard and heavy, largely doing compound exercises, eating and sleeping....you will make progress.
  6. D1cko

    Deadlift Grip

    Concur with Tim. I've supinated the same hand for all my lifting above 180-odd. Regarding straps- I'm doing sheiko and I usually use straps for 2nd deadlift portion, which are usually heavy block pulls, as i have an Okie cheesegrater. No grip problems. I pulled hook grip for a while and could...
  7. D1cko

    Those of you who have switched to a home Gym, how's it working out?

    I have a good home setup, but I try get to PTC whenever I possibly can. I train better there every time, it's hard not to be motivated once I'm in there.
  8. D1cko

    what is considered as light week training?

    I'd say everyone is different, try a few methods... I need to do SOMETHING when I'm deloading. Whether it's just a couple of sets of compound movements done with a light weight for 20-50 reps or singles at 70% or so. I find when I just take a week off I feel 'locked' up and the first session...
  9. D1cko

    Wheat Belly. Myth or scientific?

    Ahh this old chestnut... I found I actually suffer from eating wheat. Get a sore bloated guts. Does it stop me from throwing down pizzas, subway and spaghetti's? FUCK NO... I just eat the good stuff occasionally when I feel like it and put up with a sore guts for the rest of the day :)
  10. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    I'm the exact same Shrek. Would watch a test any day over ODI's.
  11. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Surprised that Ferguson and Mennie got only ONE test while they gave players like Watson and Mitch Marsh about 20 tests to do fuck all. Looking forward to seeing the new players, I just hope they are given a chance to prove themselves.
  12. D1cko

    AusBB Military Press challenge

    Just for the record, If I recall correctly, Bazza was roughly as strong as me when it came to deadlifts and I also have a max of 285 in the gym (so doesn't count) and 280kg twice in comp. I did a "relatively easy" 380kg rack pull strapless once so I'd say 400kg is believable. Yes, I have a...
  13. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Aussies will be bundled out for less than 300. They lack heart. 100% credit to the Protea's, missing Steyn for most of the first innings and also ABD.
  14. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    In the last few years every team has had a stint as the 'World number 1'...even Pakistan. I think we all knew that the worlds best has always been SAF the whole time....This test is just showing the true class difference in the two sides.
  15. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Spot on bull. I'm getting tired of the spineless batting collapses the Aussies have made a habit of. 0 for over 100...and now looking at being bowled out for less that SAF's total. Dismal!!
  16. D1cko

    [Cricket] Cricket

    It's back!!
  17. D1cko

    Pro Raw BigDogs on today, battle of many of world's best superheavy powerlifters

    Nah not really from Chad. A few from Ernie Lilliebridge. Just talked about the Big Dogs meet, a lot about other lifters like Zahir, Andrey. Also about how he makes his money, the Juggernaut.... Really nice bloke.
  18. D1cko

    Pro Raw BigDogs on today, battle of many of world's best superheavy powerlifters

    I was talking to Chad Wesley Smith last night...(Yes, you heard that right :)) He said that Andrey has been sick a few times, and believes some of it stems from anxiety.
  19. D1cko

    Texas deadlift bar and Texas power bar

    Money well spent I reckon....I got an Okie DL bar for a similar price, and wish I got the Texas.