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Search results

  1. M

    FS: 5 x 1kg Bulk Nutrients WPC (Salted Caramel)

    50 pp seems a good deal for anyone interested. I'm okay going that low. Can provide photos.
  2. M

    FS: 5 x 1kg Bulk Nutrients WPC (Salted Caramel)

    Pretty much a hundo is what it cost me: https://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-concentrate.html
  3. M

    FS: 5 x 1kg Bulk Nutrients WPC (Salted Caramel)

    Hi. Haven't been doing the forum things for ages, but I have been lifting. Might even stick around this time. :D So, realised WPI is better for me, but I already ordered this lot of WPC. All sealed, kept in a cool place, bought very recently. Open to offers. Thanks guys. (I'm in Hobart, btw.)
  4. M

    New Aussie 100% Natural supplements

    I've now tried all four flavours of WPC. Here's my thoughts on them (with 250ml full cream milk every time). French Vanilla Look & Smell: Looks nice and fine, smells like real vanilla (I think). Pleasant. 5/5 Mixability: Excellent. No issues at all. 5/5 Taste & Texture: Very mellow and...
  5. M


    e10 was good. Great series. Looking forward to s3.
  6. M

    45 degree sled leg press

    Same here. Can't see the point of the leg press, unless you're an actual bodybuilder, or crippled maybe.
  7. M

    Is Sugar Toxic - 60 Minutes Investigates

    But, but... IIFYMFM brahsephz!!11!!!
  8. M

    Almonds vs Cashews

    "I like brazilians". Oh yeah, me too. No doubt. Nuts though, I'll take raw almonds err' day. Straight up.
  9. M

    Help me tweak my 4 day upper/lower routine

    Monday +rows and +curls, -dips. So Monday, in this version, would be bb bench/rows/db bench/curls. Tuesday, +abs. Thursday, press/chinups/dips/hammers would be a good selection. Friday, +abs. Otherwise good.
  10. M

    The ugly underbelly of the body beautiful

    Lawlz. The fuck is he smoking.
  11. M

    Need new media player

    I built myself a home theatre PC, but I know someone who uses a Western Digital media player, and it looks solid. Plays everything, has all the inputs and outputs you'd need.
  12. M

    Why does everyone jackoff to the little shit?

    Well, given that Mr. Green was training that way *as a beginner*, that seemed relevant. I thought. If it was even my post you were referring to.
  13. M

    [MartialArts] UFC Discussions

    Anyone else watching the current TUF? :/ Jesus, we suck at MMA. That's the best non-pro fighters we could come up with, in the whole country? Well, fuck. It's embarrassing. Is it because we haven't been training MMA (as a country) for very long? Geographical isolation (from the "heartlands" of...
  14. M

    bent over rows

    140. Started with 60.
  15. M

    Why does everyone jackoff to the little shit?

    Some of the top powerlifters and strongmen (and various other athletes) in the world do, and recommend doing, isolation work such as curls, calf raises, laterals, etc. And, just for example, Dan Green started off lifting "bodybuilding style" for years, and according to him, this helped to build...
  16. M

    Best rep range for strength

    A combination, but for "pure strength" I have found nx3 to be one of the best so far. For example, 5x3, 8x3 or 10x3.
  17. M

    Do you consider yourself strong?

    Yes, I consider myself strong (relative to the average guy), but definitely not "elite", or even "advanced" for some muscle groups probably. So, "strong" in a societal sense, but not necessarily in an athletic sense (depends what kind of athlete though :)). But that's fine, because I'm not a...
  18. M

    [MartialArts] UFC Discussions

    Squats not even once.