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    What's your favourite place to buy supplements?

    I do my orders at supplemented. Quality supplements are not cheap. I agree that there are people who die from supplements, some are due to the quality of it and some are incorrect way of using. Or may even be excessive working out without taking the right antioxidants. Many sportsman die...
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    What is your workout routine?

    Monday-chest flat bench incline bench decline bench flyes tuesday-back and traps barbell rows dumbell rows romanian deadlifts wide grip pull ups barbell shrugs dumbell shrugs wednesdays-triceps close grip bench press dumbell kickbacks skullcrushers seated dips...
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    What is your workout routine?

    As with any exercise routine you should switch up your exercises every 6-9 weeks. Each exercise although targeting the same area actually works the muscles a bit different, so by changing them around you give your muscles a wider range of movement and therefore building the entire muscle...
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    What are the best Post-work out Foods to help build muscles?

    Very well buddy. Carb packing was an option when I began but I later opted for a continuously balanced, nutritious diet.
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    What are the best Post-work out Foods to help build muscles?

    Shrek, Thanks for reaching out buddy. But i tend to think however, that after exercise is the most important time to feed your muscles. Post-exercise, your muscles are trying to get over the exertion. They seek nutrients to replenish and grow.
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    Post up what you are eating

    LOl Far from truth... :)
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    What are the best Post-work out Foods to help build muscles?

    I set out on a journey to work out. The results have been impressive so far. My handwork and resilience has paid me off. One thing though, I have had difficulty choosing what food to take immediately after gym sessions. I subscribe to the fact that a nourished body performs at its best. In fact...
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    What is your favorite work out quote that motivates you to keep going?

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
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    What is your favorite work out quote that motivates you to keep going?

    Everyone wants to look good...Working out has never been easy. It demands loads of effort and dedication.You need that constant reminder to push/uplift you to your goals. Let's share our favorite motivational quotes about working out to encourage a buddy to keep going.:o:o
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    Your favorite lifting gear

    Working out is not a walk in the park. But the worst thing you can be is average.
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    Post up what you are eating

    Nutritional Tip #1 When you overheat before bed, your body is much more likely to store those calories as fat
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    Show us your Home Gym

    Evolution of a gym This is real evolution. What about the stools do they have any specific use?
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    Hi [you] and welcome to ausbb

    Thank you for the warm welcome. It is great being here. As a police officer it is very important to stay in shape because the type of work we do is extremely hazardous.
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    Post up what you are eating

    During the last couple weeks of a contest prep I drop any foods that contain dairy. Whey for instance is lactose free and helps me hit my daily protein requirements
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    Online Personal Training

    Hello, I would love to have an online trainer too. If there is any trainer in here, Just let me know. Thanks
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    I bought Nitro Tech and I bought Cell Tech, do any of these have steroids?