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    What muscles does the pull up bar work?

    A well detailed and informative article. Buying pull-up bars definitely worth it, as pull-up workouts work on numerous areas like arms, chest, shoulders, and core. Pull-ups are considered the best workouts in so many aspects. It's a compound movement and a great source of enhancing functional...
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    Quantum and Optimum?

    Don’t know much about it.
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    Is Depression a Lifetime Illness?

    Yeah agree, depression kills a person from inside and out, but with proper counseling and medication you can cope with it.
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    I want to do a master's degree in sports nutrition from a distance, do you know Tech?

    I don’t have any personal opinion on it, but it seems like it has many positive reviews so you should concern this.
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    How to use the right upright exercise bike safely?

    It's a well explained article. Exercise would always be beneficial for everyone. I usually prefer to do cardio workouts in order to strengthen my body and improve my fitness. Although you have mentioned all the great benefits of doing exercise. It’s indeed a good article.
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    Giving away this Electric Treadmill For FREE!

    It’s looking good. But why do you seem so tired on this great treadmill?
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    Post a bodybuilding pic.

    That very true, gym workouts will change your personality.
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    Is it ok to wear a sport bra if I have untoned belly?

    You should wear those clothes in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Try to do workouts properly in order to tone up your body. Try some cardio workouts that might be helpful in achieving your fitness goals.
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    Anyone Melbourne based ?

    I haven’t experienced this but I read the reviews and they are not good.
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    Coping with Workplace Depression: Understanding the Reasons and Effective Strategies to Overcome It

    Depression is real and may cause serious problems in life. We must find out ways to cope with depression. I usually do some exercises for maintaining mental health to keep myself healthy and mentally active. These exercises help me in letting my depression out of my mind and make me feel...
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    Home Crossfit Exercises?

    CrossFit workouts whether at home or at gym give you enormous benefits. The foremost thing about any sort of workout is consistency.
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    Cauda Equiner recovery

    Appreciating your efforts. You should start slowly. In my opinion you should start from jogging, yoga, cycling, and aerobic exercises first. After passing some time when your body gets in shape you should try gym workouts like squats, lunges, Triceps dips, leg lifts and kicks, abdominal crunches...
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    Overcoming Social Anxiety: Steps towards Confidence and Connection

    Agree, anxiety, stress and depression are the rear things in today's world. They might be dangerous if you neglect them. Personally I would prefer yoga (meditation) in order to get rid of depression and anxiety.
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    aussie strength equipment

    Aussie strength equipment specifically designed for home gyms. It's the best choice for a home gym.