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Search results

  1. JackBody

    Why are oral only cycles frowned upon yet pro hormone only cycles were a huge thing?

    thanks for advise!:) My doc advise me buy in https://120kgs.org/injectables-steroids
  2. JackBody

    Knee Hurting

    what is kunce?
  3. JackBody

    Ask Goosey

    Genetics is not a predictable thing. A lot depends on the structure of the body but all athletes train in different ways and according to different programs
  4. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    thanks for advise!
  5. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    !thanks for the answer
  6. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    You mean fat food? or only protein?
  7. JackBody

    Gerard "Gerry" Belshaw

    thanks for advise
  8. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    Hello! Who can help with bioadditive? Im wonna increase weight by 10 kg per year:):)
  9. JackBody

    Beginners program

    Yep bro! you are right)
  10. JackBody

    Post up what you are eating V2.0

    Im eating only meat!
  11. JackBody

    Please, check my diet!

    Hello! Please rate my diet. Can I fix something? On an empty stomach 200 ml of warm water. We eat in 20-30 minutes. Potatoes (breakfast)! Skimmed milk. ❗️ Remove fried! Beef, chicken, turkey - baked, stewed without oil, boiled or grilled. Fish can be all except mackerel and herring. Red...
  12. JackBody

    Hello friends!

    Hey everyone! Im new hear Please go to friends! And follow me! Peace!
  13. JackBody

    Hi there! I'm new!

    Hey, bro! I'm new too! Go to friends