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Search results

  1. J

    How fast to load up after recovering from injury? Deadlifts

    With this weight there are often more chances of injury. I've seen many weight lifters in my gym which injured their back at least once in their life.I think they have different causes and the ways of treatment are slightly different too. In my experience back pain often takes place as a result...
  2. J

    INJURY List

    I would like to know how much time your leg muscle took to get healed. There is an athlete in my gym who has developed knots in his muscle, which are quite painful during the training and his exercise is stuck at certain point.
  3. J

    Drugs in CrossFit

    Yes might be abused, when people get addicted to them and overdose them for pushing their body hard in game. But I think its not a good idea to manage that kind of lifestyle.
  4. J

    What have you done to your bike today

    After going for a long distance with my brother on hills, there occurred some issues with my bike, and I maintained my bike by giving it greece and working with gears.
  5. J

    How was your recreational ride today?

    My recreational ride was with my brother on hills. I like to go out with my family to enjoy nature and feel the universe.
  6. J

    Dislocated kneecap, nutrition advice

    I've heard from nutritionist that foods enriched with calcium are good for bones and joints. You can get calcium naturally from milk, soya drinks and green leafy vegetables.
  7. J

    Knee Hurting

    You might be doing squat with wrong posture. You must be aware of proper techniques of exercise and follow best practices to keep injuries away from yourself.
  8. J

    6 CrossFit workouts anyone can do

    Yes I've been using skipping rope for jumping. Its a good exercise to do before any hard workout, I especially do it before my boxing training.
  9. J

    How to increase vertical jump & agility? - (For basketball)

    Your routine is already awesome. I would like to know the benefits you see after doing 70 push-ups daily.
  10. J

    Do you foam roll regularly?

    Still looking for its benefits and which time of the day will be suitable to do foam rolling.
  11. J

    What were your running achievements this week?

    I ran for whole hour after a year of training. I am feeling very good after this achievement. I faced many hard times in order to achieve this goal.
  12. J

    Running 2.4km in 12 minutes

    It all depends upon you sincerity with your goal. But I'll suggest you to not push yourself hard while training, the reason is you can develop an injury and your whole routine will be destroyed. Keep yourself motivated and try to follow daily tasks to achieve your goals staying fit and healthy.
  13. J

    Middle Back Pain Immeadiatly after Front Squat

    The pain can be caused due to your wrong posture or not enough warming up your muscles before doing squats.
  14. J

    Are Fruit and Vegetables Healthy??

    That is the point, extreme diet is an eating disorder, I think the diet we intake must be balanced and customized based on your present fitness and health goals.
  15. J

    Do You Run Without Music?

    Whenever I run with my partner, then there is no room to listen to music during running. But whenever I run alone, with a good music track, then listening to music motivates me to run with my full potential.
  16. J

    How did you start running?

    I started running to achieve my goal of staying fit and healthy. I was overweight before starting running, and losing extra body weight was my most prioritized goal to achieve at any cost. Fortunately, by keeping myself on track and following the right direction I became successful in getting...
  17. J

    Why Run??

    When I started running I've no idea in what ways it will benefit me. After some months of running, it became my lifestyle and my focus on other aspects of life was surprisingly improved. You might have heard from somebody that running gives a person a new life, but I've experienced how it...