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Search results

  1. jj80

    Ronnie Challenges Jay

    Unless he dies first.
  2. jj80

    Cheap Olympic Barbells from GymDirect

    Check out cyberfit, I got one from them for around $100 delivered a couple of years ago.
  3. jj80

    Favourite back workout

    Chins Max rep set, break, try to equal your last set, then a break, try to equal your last set, then a break, etc.... At 110kg it's usually 12,10,8,7 for me. Another option is 10,10,10,10,10. A very hard 20 minute workout. I do more balanced routines too but this is a good 'short on time'...
  4. jj80

    The Weekly Training Thread

    I am doing basically this. Good workout and I like the reduced frequency for injury avoidance now I'm recovering from one.
  5. jj80

    Cough Remedy - Who's got one?

    I had some fluid somewhere and got rid of it going for a run.
  6. jj80

    Odell Manuel 410kg deadlift

    Is that locked out? Just asking.
  7. jj80

    Nootropics Log

    I found racetam made me feel weird as hell. Think I have a few packets unopened. Just going to stick to caffeine unless something really wild comes on the market.... need that rush
  8. jj80

    Show us your dog...

    Im thinking about getting a cattle dog or a kelpie. Much more fun having dogs that know 100+ words and sometimes try to outwit you.
  9. jj80

    How many people here started lifting due to Depression or a bad breakup

    I thought chicks hated vain guys and gym junkies until I got fit and started getting looks / approached. Fucking hell I wish I'd done this at a younger age. On topic yes definitely it helps. Obviously not with severe 'wheres a carbon monoxide canister and a mask' depression but to stave off...
  10. jj80

    Coming back after a break

    Anyone ever had trouble coming back to lifting after a break? I have just started working out again after an injury put me out for a few weeks (>1month now?). I'm having issues doing long workouts. Just no energy. Benched 120kgx1 for a hard single the other day (bad for me). I had totally...
  11. jj80

    What was your last cheat meal and how amazing was it?

    Yeah it is fucking shit. Always a good idea until 10 minutes later.
  12. jj80

    BN No3X review

    I found myself forgetting really obvious shit after taking this, what is in it apart from caffeine? Like I would take 5 seconds to remember my dogs name or something weird.
  13. jj80

    Discussion on giving up alcohol and thoughts

    ^^ Sounds like your solving your problems and quitting shitty jobs in search of new ones, rather than just dealing with things by trying to erase your memory every friday/saturday :P
  14. jj80

    At what point did you not consider yourself as novice anymore?

    When you have to put in months of work to get 2.5kg to 5kg PBs.
  15. jj80

    Discussion on giving up alcohol and thoughts

    Good for you, reflecting and weighing up the benefits. In Australia sometimes your friends try to push you down a path you shouldn't go down. The reaction and ability to cope depends on the individual. I just know I can't handle it. I have a few in my family who have realised the same thing...
  16. jj80

    Sexual Morality With High School Student

    Seriously? What happened?
  17. jj80

    The PB Thread

    Nice work mate, I got it a little while ago and it felt good but unfortunately not even 200% of my bodyweight. Much more of an achievement at 84kg.
  18. jj80

    The PB Thread

    That's actually pretty impressive. Contributes to elbow health or something too? I can curl 60kg but I don't think I'd even get to 50 reps on 20.
  19. jj80

    Break after training?

    Depends how much you deloaded to prep for 1rm imo. If it was a big deload I'd get straight back into it.