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Search results

  1. Fadi

    What to do to improve posture

    To improve posture! Mmm, it’s a case of more of what not to do than what to do. The human body and the chair (irrespective of what chair/couch/lounge) it is, were not designed for one another. If you want your spine to love ❤️ you, make the floor your “chair” of choice whenever possible. Why...
  2. Fadi

    Performance Anxiety

    I’ve learnt 40 years ago, that to perform at your best, a ratio of 80:20 is needed. 80% confidence because you’ve done your homework, and 20% anxiety to keep you on your toes; keep arrogance away, and say goodbye to complacency … anxiety is healthy and needs not be feared, when you view it...
  3. Fadi

    Welcome, Seeking Ab Solution

    Become muscle-centric, and fat will come off your body. Alternatively, focus on losing fat through dragged on cardio, a la jogging etc, and you will gain fat long term. It’s all about ratios, ratios between muscle and fat. Resistance training (not necessarily with external weights), is the best...
  4. Fadi

    Coffee good or bad?

    In the context of lifting, and if you know how coffee affects you, using coffee prior to a lift that calls for brute strength, like a deadlift for example, could be of benefit. However to use coffee prior to a lift requiring power and high precision, like an Olympic snatch or a jerk overhead...
  5. Fadi

    Doctor Explains Why Calories in vs Calories Out is a Fallacy.

    Hi Mick, I'm not sure if you're aware of the diet wars that have been going on between the HFLC vs HCLF camps. In any case, I think it would be great to watch the following video I'm including below, when you have some relaxing time up your sleeves Sir...
  6. Fadi


    Muslim leaders/"hypocrites' do condemn acts of terrorism committed by Muslim extremists. Here, read this: "After the 2004 attacks in Madrid that killed nearly 200 people, the Supreme Judicial Council of Saudi Arabia issued a public statement describing the assault as "pernicious and shameless...
  7. Fadi


    Such a person labeled as "Islamic leader" does not exist, and has never existed, not even prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was an Islamic leader. A Muslim leader sure, but not Islamic. So do I personally know of any Muslim leader in the Muslim majority countries? No I don't. We've got dictators and we've...
  8. Fadi


    Wearing a scarf on her head was by choice I'm sure. The imam who gave the sermon on that following Friday alluded to it, and that's his business having chosen to acknowledge the PM's gesture of "solidarity", as that was the message she decided on presenting to her country, that "we're all one."...
  9. Fadi


    This was a sad day for all who wish to live in peace. The word innocent has no boundaries; colour, race, or creed attached onto it. An innocent soul is an innocent soul, irrespective of background. “Innocent” is a word strong enough in its meaning, to be able to carry and embrace all of us...
  10. Fadi

    Do you doubt yourself? Well did you know...?

    I won’t lie to you mate, but yeh I’m afraid; I’m anxious, I’m doubtful, I’m stressed, and I feel the tension running through my veins ... what can I say..., I’m feeling all those negative feelings I’m not supposed to be feeling you know! If the above has struck a chord with you (even for just a...
  11. Fadi

    Trump - Republican Nominee (President)

    Hello Mr. President ... ah ... I think you've got the wrong number mate :D!
  12. Fadi

    program reviews

    No worries Gerry..., would the following table be closer to what you were considering?
  13. Fadi

    program reviews

    Hi Gerry, After reviewing the reviews, I've come to the following conclusion, written in a small article format I called: The "Best" training program for strength? One cold hard fact about programming is: there are Champions and medal holders from every programming philosophy out there. So we...
  14. Fadi

    Why do you train?

    At the age of 15, because extreme energy had to be released, and it just so happened that I was at the right place at the right time, to start Olympic weightlifting. At the age of 53, because sarcopenia does not discriminate between races, and it'll get you if you don't acknowledge its strength...
  15. Fadi

    First two weeks to a month training?

    A balanced and sensible advice Tim, thanks mate.
  16. Fadi

    Topic of the Week- How Can One Prevent Overtraining?

    Hello Adrian, it's been a while mate. I hope you're in good health Sir.
  17. Fadi

    Topic of the Week- How Can One Prevent Overtraining?

    Well thank you strong man, appreciated!
  18. Fadi

    Topic of the Week- How Can One Prevent Overtraining?

    I realise this thread was started way back, however since it's been resurrected, I thought I'll add my own contribution based on past experiences. Back in September of 2014, I wrote a full article on this particular subject, I called it: Overtraining or under-recovering? There are certain...
  19. Fadi

    Thread for religious people

    Well done on your PR mate, it’s always a good feeling when you nail a new PR. As far as packing on the pounds to get your strength up, is more of a bodybuilder’s mentality than it is reality ... I say that whilst wearing my Olympic weightlifting cap on, where all weightlifters weigh themselves...
  20. Fadi

    Thread for religious people

    Thanks mate, you're looking well, and strong I see.