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Search results

  1. mike367

    Ausbb roundtable - Texas Method and Bill Starr's Madcow 5x5

    I did the Mad Cow years ago, it damn near killed me, I'll do it again though and soon.
  2. mike367

    Top Gear

    Thanks mate, downloaded the the first 4 and watched 3 so far. Commercial free, thats a bonus :)
  3. mike367

    Top Gear

    I see new Top Gear (series 21) is on Foxtel. Anyone know when it will be aired on free to air for us poor people?
  4. mike367

    Advice on types of belts.

    Thanks guys, why is a belt that's the same width all round better? Is leather better than the nylon or neoprene? I've seen lots of different styles on e-bay, lots are around the $30 to $40 mark. Buckle not those lever ones.
  5. mike367

    Advice on types of belts.

    I'm thinking about getting a belt. I have a bit of a bad back and I tweak it every few months. I dont know much about belts, so a little advice would be welcome. thanks
  6. mike367

    The repetition

    For me I like to have controlled, steady movements pos and neg. Thought both are at the same speed, as someone said, its about lack of momentum.
  7. mike367

    what are some top rated suppliments

    Thanks Oni and Big Mick. In tea spoon size how much would 5 grams be? I mean as in a proper set of measuring spoons, just approximately, ta.
  8. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Yeah we have played well below par, I'm tempted to say we were complete rubbish.
  9. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Well its about time you won them back, but dont get too cocky :P
  10. mike367

    what are some top rated suppliments

    An effective dose of BCAA"S is 15 -20 grams? Is that a typo? I read somewhere that a serve was 1-2 grams
  11. mike367

    any vegetarian/vegans on ausbb

    Nice idea Admin, to get a different view on things. Pity it didn't work out so well, or did it?
  12. mike367

    What is the exercise you hate doing but do anyway?

    every fucking single one of em!!!! The least hateful is the Mil Press
  13. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Ha ha like the Aussies never time waste :p
  14. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    And now the Aussie whinging continues.....
  15. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    My fecking tele just packed in!!!!!!
  16. mike367

    [Cricket] Cricket

    Rugby test series.....WON Ashes.......well the Aussies have no chance :P
  17. mike367

    Dip / Chin-up belt

    you could try a scuba divers weight belt, I don't know what they cost though
  18. mike367

    most effective protein supplement????

    how about BCAA's instead?
  19. mike367

    Which One?

    as far as I know; 10 x 5 for strength 5 x 10 for fitness
  20. mike367

    Some cute female bodybuilders

    LMAO, photo shopped much? ha ha ha