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    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    I haven't seen any cheaper... I thought half the new price was good.. no?
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    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    Not entirely. Still have rack, BB, plates, benches etc. Just can't cope with powerlifting type lifting. Heavy low rep type stuff is having too big an impact on joints causing other activities to suffer. Moved over Xmas and haven't lifted in 4 weeks. Home gym is now finally at the new home but...
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    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    Hi guys, With a recent house move, I need to get rid of some of my stuff. These were all purchased from Southside Fitness about 3-4 years ago. Links below show the current prices and pics for the items when new. Squat stand...
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    [Article] No More RICE

    Dr Mirkin.... lol
  5. T

    Help please!

    Because internet. I've read it many times in other places.. most people start lifting and they start benching.. people always ask "what chu bench bro?" So people bench and bench and bench.. in general the pecs get heaps more work than back. so I assume at some stage someone like T-nation...
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    Bench Press Question

    lolwut? You don't lower to your chest and then release it.. lol it's a pause on the chest where the bar is just touching your chest. your chest/rib cage isn't taking the load.
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    Help please!

    You have not mentioned your current body weight or fat%. your diet posted above does not show the portions (in grams or ml or kg) for anything other than milk and oats. example... "Small yoghurt" each company has different package sizes to stand out in the fridge section. what is small? which...
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    Not losing weight; lack of sleep and stress?

    eat less tim tams
  9. T

    Age question

    Cougars. that is where I was talking about in my previous post where the kids were doing oly lifting.
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    Age question

    I know a guy who has 2 kids that do olympic lifting. they are like 7 and 9 all light stuff and more fun but still. the 9 year old clean and jerked 35kg which is just over his bodyweight I think. That stunt your growth thing is false. just keep it light and fun for them if they are younger than...
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    Dropped in for another look.

    LOL.. don't worry.. I know who you are.. who could forget you and your stupid opinions on nutrition. you started a thread about how crap the forum is and how shit some of it's members are... and complain that I add no value to this "serious business" thread you made? go mate. leave. no-one...
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    Should childless people be taxed to help families?

    enough of your humblebrag liam... we get it.. you get lots of money. ;)
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    Dropped in for another look.

    Who the f is big mick?
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    Who is AusBB's greatest athlete 2014

    1500m run? over how many days are we talking here?
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    Favorite Natural Bodybuilder?

    Ronnie Coleman
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    How Did Your Last Workout Go?

    Injury free... YEAH!!!
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    Bent Over Rows - How Do You Do Them?

    narrower than bench. Inverse rows (where you pull yourself up to the bar from underneath) is when I do it bench width.
  18. T

    Snickers Ad Manages to Be Sexist to Both Men and Women

    wow... someone put way too much thought in to what it means. I just feel like chocolate now
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    Grip for front squats

    clean grip. snatch grip = hands way out wide.