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    need a belt... any recommendations?

    Hey Coach, Whats an EP? I saw a sports doctor... does work for the reds rugby and qld state of origin team. He said my hip flexors and hamstrings were tight and to work on those. Also seen a powerlifting coach, yourself... who worked on my form and said while not great it was passable... that...
  2. D

    barbell recommendations

    I really want a new barbell for my home gym. I am currently using a womans 15kg 25mm passive knurl atm but i was looking to upgrade... Anyone have any experience with the rogue ohio power bar? I am near the coast so rust is a concern.. the ohio comes in stainless but costs a bomb. Is the knurl...
  3. D

    need a belt... any recommendations?

    I was leaning towards the single pronge belt as i read levers took effort to adjust and people use it looser on deadlifts...
  4. D

    need a belt... any recommendations?

    Ive been lifting for 15 months and am getting painful lower back on my deadlifts... saw a coach who helped me a lot with my form but it still hurts for days afterwards. Also if i do a big squat session i get pain. I was thinking to try a belt to provide some support for my lower back. Any...
  5. D

    surgery and training...

    Ah. Good idea. Thx
  6. D

    surgery and training...

    Leg is healed, just a big scar now that is supposed to be ok for squatting. Had hand surgery today so wont be able to grip hard for at least 2 weeks... so i dont think normal barbell squats will work. I remember one of my coaches tore his bicep doing deadlifts... he had his surgery then after 6...
  7. D

    surgery and training...

    I hadnt squatted in 2 months due to leg surgery... i did two squat sessions last week but now ive had to have surgery on my hand... is there a way i can continue to squat? Would the squat safety bar be ideal... or should i just keep it simple with body weight squats? Thanks. Ps anyone have any...
  8. D

    Good reading material

    Nice. Thanks.
  9. D

    How long should my workouts go for?

    Looks like we have a troll
  10. D


    Does alcohol impact on strength increases? My beer fridge is located right next to my training equipment. Im now keeping hydrated with beer during a workout... is this a nono? Strength training is turning me into an alcoholic. Lol.
  11. D

    Good reading material

    Are the starting strength books worth buying? Anything else worth reading? Thanks
  12. D

    Aussie barbell co power bar

    Any advice on how to stop wear on squat rack slots? Ive been using a passive knurl bar for 9 months and its starting to get a groove... scared to think what a more aggressive bar would do. I tried super gluing rubber strips to it but they came straight off when i rotated the barbell.
  13. D

    How long should my workouts go for?

    I think my form may be an issue... did squats on thurs and have had achy lower back since.
  14. D

    How long should my workouts go for?

    How depressing is this? https://startingstrength.com/resources/forum/mark-rippetoe-q-and-a/81381-gym-fat-bars.html The great man saying pilates is shit... when ive been told to do them by my sports doctor and physio
  15. D

    Rating of Perceived Exertion, RPE: worth using / tracking?

    Does anyone use this, how to use this during a workout? If im aiming at 3 sets of 5 reps... but the weight im supposed to do is too easy, and my rpe is low.... then i bump up the weight to achieve a 9?
  16. D

    Trap bar

    My local gym supplier has two sizes in trap bars... i can deadlift on both but only row on the bigger one... i assume bigger is better? It is massive tho... duno where i will put it
  17. D

    Too much protein?

    So just meat and vege? Cut out carbs completely? What about fats, like almonds?