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Search results

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    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Viruses dont get stronger and more lethal, it wants what all want, to survive. More virulent, less deadly.
  2. O

    Low T levels. Anyone know a good doctor in Sydney

    What issue do you have other than numbers on a page?
  3. O

    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    The neutron bomb was originally developed to maximise casualties while minimising the damage to useful infrastructure. Viral weaponry is far more effective and it would be wrong to think the superpowers havent thought about it, let alone tried to develop it. Problem is controlling it, no point...
  4. O

    Fuck Chinese Communist Party

    "we're sorry China, heres some pastoral land and a port to make up for the inconvenience, we'll throw in some cheap dirt" The only politicians with the balls to stand up to China are in no position to do anything and the first head of state to actually call them out was considered an idiot and...
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    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Covid has killed less than 1% of the population in the US, if the numbers are believable since dying with covid is treated the same as dying from it. It's not even doing a good job of killing its hosts for something that is routinely described as "deadly" and the average age of its victims is...
  6. O

    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Same reason some kunce do very little in the gym and still look like monsters while others train their guts out for minimal results. Genetics are a cruel master to some and a great servant to others.
  7. O

    Beginners program

    What were you squatting and deadlifting while you were benching 100kg?
  8. O

    On TRT, needs to source HCG,. Help!

    Therapeutic dose or proper juicing?
  9. O

    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Gotta keep people afraid otherwise they are too hard to control.
  10. O

    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Check the stats by age. Still sad that anyone died because of Chinese treachery but its not the world ending plague we have been constantly told is occurring. Lock down the at risk people and let the rest live their life.
  11. O

    Medications affecting muscle gain?

    wow. You need to do a lot of research and speak to professionals, not idiots on a forum. Why are you on the bupe? I didn't see it mentioned.
  12. O

    ASAP Soon to be Wife wants help to lose weight

    Wouldnt she just get a script for duromine from a doctor?
  13. O

    Vegetarians and protein

    Take the lactose pills and chug, chug, chug. Or eat quiches like a madman. Is bacon a vegetable?
  14. O

    Vegetarians and protein

    Hang on, vegetarians can still drink milk yeah? Why not get some proper whey protein?
  15. O

    Test packaging

    Prison wallet. Or if you have a lady friend willing, festival purse.
  16. O

    Want To Buy Power Rack / Squat Rack Sydney

    Just do it, a timber rack will last years if its built properly.
  17. O

    Want To Buy Power Rack / Squat Rack Sydney

    Rip has plans on starting strength for a timber rack if you're a tight kunce but it gets you training now instead of waiting weeks for your commercial quality rack at garage sale prices.
  18. O

    FIFO advice

    I fucking loved FIFO food and that was a 20/10 roster (more like 23/7 on a good month) Sorry, that's all I got.