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Search results

  1. blakey72

    First two weeks to a month training?

    Yeah I was thinking more sessions at lighter weight obviously won't build mass but will start conditioning the muscles for this type of movement while avoiding injury. Plus machines protect your lift to an extent as they are only needed to be controlled in one plane. That's just my thoughts, I...
  2. blakey72

    First two weeks to a month training?

    Good stuff Shrek. I was thinking I'd be the old one on here, everyone being 20's-30's. Feel better now haha.
  3. blakey72

    First two weeks to a month training?

    Thanks for the welcome. Yeah wanted to move up a little but just don't want an injury. It's shit how much of a difference 10 years makes to the body. You still feel young but the ol' body doesn't always agree.
  4. blakey72

    First two weeks to a month training?

    Hi all. I'm just at the end of my first week in the gym. I'm 45 and haven't trained for about 15 years so am a little rusty. I thought for the first month I should do some conditioning so I don't injure myself so I'm going 5 days a week, doing very low weights and just doing basically big muscle...