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Search results

  1. Russell Coight


    Any change of getting a captcha set up?
  2. Russell Coight


    Nah there's no captcha
  3. Russell Coight


    Is it possible to set up a captcha to stop spammers creating accounts? One of those maths captchas is less annoying than the picture ones.
  4. Russell Coight


  5. Russell Coight

    Reporting posts

    Lots of spam today.
  6. Russell Coight

    [Cricket] Cricket

    We need Will Pucovski to stop getting ko'ed,
  7. Russell Coight

    Reporting posts

    Is it possible to report posts with the new forum software? Can't work it out.
  8. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Yep good. Part 1 almost as good as part 2.
  9. Russell Coight

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime

    I noticed one thing, when clicking on Home on the top menu, the page doesn't exist. Goes to https://ausbb.com/xen
  10. Russell Coight

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime

    haha It's what makes websites secure. Web browsers are picky as these days and if the site doesn't have SSL or it's broken, it was broken for this site, you may get warnings in the browser when loading the page.
  11. Russell Coight

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime

    Is there any chance you could enable SSL? The page is a bit tricky to open with modern browsers.
  12. Russell Coight

    Misc News Thread

    I don't see the problem.
  13. Russell Coight

    Are these Tits real?

  14. Russell Coight

    Home Gym Flooring

    Depending on how much you want to spend but I went with these: https://www.australianbarbellco.com/FRIBK_dash_FLAT/Black-rubber-gym-floor-tiles.-Square-edge-flat-tile./pd.php
  15. Russell Coight

    Anyone use/d Bulk Nutrients?

    Yep I've ordered plenty from them, highly recommended. I don't order vegan protein though so can't vouch for that.