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Search results

  1. amac38

    Andrey Malanichev

    u8DZBCwPnKU Enjoy.
  2. amac38

    NBA Live Stream!!?? HELP!

    atdhe.ws myp2p.eu go get 'em HEAT!
  3. amac38


    thanks for all your advice, greatly appreciated.
  4. amac38


    Will be testing maxes tomorrow for this program (even though I'm extremely 'out of shape' in terms of strength). I start with template 29 yeah? If I survive that, I'll check back in this thread 4 weeks later and ask what to do next. Cheers.
  5. amac38

    Nba playoffs

    Predicting finals to be: Lakers vs Bulls, I want Bulls to win but I wouldn't put money on that, I think Lakers in 7.
  6. amac38

    Fat Bars

    What's the difference between the fatgripz and the grip4orce flex grips? http://www.undergroundelite.com.au/Grip4orce-Thick-Grips/ They're not cheap, but definitely cheaper than buying a fat bar.
  7. amac38

    PTC Brisbane - What's been going on.

    looking huge at 78kg, what's the squeaky noise?
  8. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    hey fellas im afraid to say i have to pull out of this due to a $120 parking fine i got last night :( sssboi if you wanted a titan lever medium i can sell you my current one for $80 if you want? price is negotiable just shoot me a pm. thanks christian for organising and sorry for the...
  9. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    Any update on this? Thanks to everyone for ordering so it's cheaper for everyone. Let me know the total price, do we really have to pay extra for a custom-made belt? EDIT: Can i please have a price with and without the shirt?
  10. amac38

    Weight lifting belt, which one?

    http://ausbb.com/workout-equipment/12210-buying-quality-powerlifting-belt.html Inzer ones are good apparently.
  11. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    I'm cool with that, does that mean i can choose a nice coloured belt as that takes a few weeks to make too?
  12. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    lol and why would you do that? Of course I'll pay for my own shipping... :P Christian have you posted this on the ProRaw forum? Might get a few more people there. I thought there'd be a lot more people interested in an order like this. Cheers. edit: seems like you have, no takers there too...
  13. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    So that's $110 USD for the belt and shirt, excluding domestic post? Should fit in a 3kg pre-paid satchel yea? I'm cool with it, hopefully we got a lot more people. Thanks!
  14. amac38

    Inzer order get in asap

    hey Christian, thanks for the offer! how much would the items cost in AUD? I'd be keen for a Forever Buckle Belt 10MM 1-Prong BLACK MEDIUM Inzer Advance DesignsDetailed Information and Inzer Logo Orange T Shirt MEDIUM Inzer Advance Designs: Inzer Logo Orange T Shirt-Choose your favorite...
  15. amac38

    Everything you ever wanted to know

    Beyond Brawn, Stuart McRobert - Shop Online for Books in Australia - Fishpond.com.au Just bought a few copies, would make a great birthday present to my meat-head mates. EDIT: Just bought it from here...
  16. amac38

    ABC BARBELLS... need some gurus..

    Check out this thread for some discussion on barbells: http://ausbb.com/workout-equipment/11391-buying-quality-barbell.html
  17. amac38

    NBA Discussion

    I follow NBA religiously, playoffs are just around the corner! My favourite Team: OKC, Durant and Westbrook are such a dynamic duo. Player: D-Rose and Melo.
  18. amac38

    Help with Comp periodization

    leachy is on the money, really try your hardest in the last set. do some 1RM after that if you want. keep it simple graham.
  19. amac38

    Just moved to Sydney, where do the big guys train???

    Sydney lifters are spoilt for choice now!
  20. amac38

    Ptc Sydney

    i'm a big fan of elitefts, imho they are the holy grail of powerlifting. just the training atmosphere i see from the videos gives my goosebumps. matt kroc, dave tate, matt wenning and wendler. PHWOAR!!!