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Search results

  1. M

    Opinion on Lower Back Pain - Disc Problem

    Never really posted before but i see there is alot of people here with back concerns thought id give my opinion (not medical advice) in what to look for aswell as things that i was told to help i have been dealing with a bulging disc problem for the last few years and finally got it right...
  2. M

    How can i stop the "butt wink"

    How can i stop the "hip wink" as i'v heard someone on here call it, i get to about parallel to the floor with my squat then like a switch it tilts my hips which then aggravates my lower back any way of stopping this.
  3. M

    Opinion on westside for skinny bastards

    Looking for opinions/effectiveness of the Joe Defranco WS2SB. I have recently have gotten into strength training after realising after a year of isolation work that it is a waste of time for what i was trying to accomplish and what most people who start lifting weights are trying to accomplish...