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Search results

  1. haz

    (Sydney) Participants needed for a study into the acute effects of intensity

    Hello guys, Im doing another study looking at the acute effects of intensity (high vs low) on muscle fatigue. Both intensity's will be taken to failure several times to see how the body response to the accumulated fatigue in order to allow you to keep exercising. It will be at UWS...
  2. haz

    Personal trainers insurance and registraion

    Sorry guys for this super boring thread, I need personal trainers insurance and don't want to spend 220 with fitness Australia. Is there anywhere else to get insured? Any of the personal trainers out there doing something different with insurance and registration? Appreciate any help.
  3. haz

    Participants in Resistance training study - Campbelltown, Sydney

    Hey guys, Long time no type. I am conducting a study as we speak on the effects of volume on acute fatigue. Some researchers state the which ever program elicits the most acute fatigue will produce the best results. My supervisor conducted a 12 week study with 1, 4 and 8 sets to failure. He...
  4. haz

    Intermediate/Advanced Routine

    Intermediate/Advanced Routine D1 - Chest, front/side...
  5. haz

    [Vid] Sh*t just got Real, deadlift Real- from SS&S

    YouTube - 70s Big film Festival
  6. haz

    The Truth About Bodybuilding Genetics

    The Truth About Bodybuilding Genetics T nation by Bret Contreras – 1/11/2011 How the Mutants Do It World-record deadlifter Andy Bolton squatted 500 and deadlifted 600 the very first time he tried the lifts. Former Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates bench-pressed 315 pounds on his first attempt as a...
  7. haz

    Where do you want to be in 5 years?

    in 5 years time where will you be strength wise and/or body wise? me age 25 weight 100kg (fairly lean) squat 230 (+70kg) bench 150 (+30) dead 280 (+55) i would also like to be competing in strongman. right now im too weak.
  8. haz

    Ryabinnikov Squat cycle

    Ryabinnikov Squat cycle here is the Squat cycle that I made in Excel. It is from the power to the people professional book. Looks pretty cool. And I just wanted to throw it out for you all the have a look and maybe try. I would try it but sheikos working too well to change. you start with...
  9. haz

    Diesel Crew Training

    some very cool training by the Diesel Crew. they have a sick youtube channel. there always presenting new ideas, and ways to do exercises. http://www.youtube.com/user/smittydiesel#p/u/1/S0l7SAkscVk As you can see vid now working.
  10. haz

    () Whey more than you think

    Whey More Than You Thought by Brian St. Pierre Meatheads know it works. Scientists know it works. And that's why whey protein is the veteran celebrity of the sports nutrition world. While other supplements come and go, whey is rock-solid in its place as a nutritional...
  11. haz

    Plateau Busters

    Plateau Busters by: Kelly Baggett So, you’ve reached the dreaded sticking point. You’re hitting your workouts consistently but there is not much happening. You might have a specific body-part that is stuck, a...
  12. haz

    dominating everyday life

    now that were all getting stronger, is everyone else experiencing the ease at which everyday activities are becoming? stairs are now easy. opening jars now easy. lifting sh*t, now easy, (applies more to the physical labor guys), but try lifting your lounge, it will be easy. i can sprint alot...
  13. haz

    best place to buy beta-alanine?

    best place to buy beta-alanine? both cheap and good quality thanks guys. also how much have you found it help you?
  14. haz

    Are You Kidding Me? Maxing Out on Squats and Good Mornings Every Day?

    i was reading Bret's blog and found this. it applies to more weightlifters but it may interest some of you. full article can be found here Bret's blog. Bret's blog is probably the best i've read. Are You Kidding Me? Maxing Out on Squats and Good Mornings Every Day? Mathew Perryman has been...
  15. haz

    Deadlift 5 Plates Like a Champion

    Deadlift 5 Plates Like a Champion Posted by Bret Contreras on June 22nd, 2010 There aren’t many things you can do in the gym that are “manlier” than deadlifting a heavy barbell loaded with...
  16. haz

    Origins of strength

    Analogies for Understanding: Origins of Strength EDIT: By Dustin Kuhl most will know this but i thought it gave a good summary, also applicable in the body-building section and general fitness. Motor units, rate coding, fast-twitch muscle fibers, recruitment capacity—do you have this all...
  17. haz

    I bring you the Squat Dip

    yesterday for some reason while attempting a PB squat i chose to also attempt a PB dip. as you can see I was successful. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/pVDBCLORDIU&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  18. haz

    12 tips to a heavier pull

    The Dirty Dozen: 12 Tips for Heavier Pulls by Tony Gentilcore "Any healthy male under the age of 50 should be able to deadlift at least 400 pounds(182.5kg) within two years of proper training." Not surprisingly, my business partner and fellow TMUSCLE contributor Eric...
  19. haz

    [article] best reps for hypertrophy and sports-specific purposes

    nice article, it may help give you a better understanding of different ways to training, and how to best achieve your goals. sorry for wall of text. best reps for hypertrophy and sports-specific purposes March 11, 2010 by Bret Contreras...
  20. haz

    4 Things your Girl friend should know

    good article on how to get results, and may clear some things up. 4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know and another one on how to improve the all important glutes. What Women Want enjoy.