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    Rogue Australia is closing

    Rogue Australia is closing, end of contract sale, whatever that means. Good chance to grab a bargain, no orders though, only stock I sent an email asking if the contract is able to be taken over but it sounds like they are looking for a company like Gym and Fitness to pick it up and just be a...
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    This! Is awesome!

    OLNTV - Malek Chamoun, 2014 AWF Comm Trials lifter of the meet - YouTube
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    Rich Froning

    Just saw some stats on the Crossfit Golden Boy, Rich Froning. Pretty impressive actually Height 178cm Weight 88kgs Back Squat 202kgs Front Squat 170kgs Clean and Jerk 168kgs....basically his 1RM Front Squat! Snatch 136kgs Deadlift 247kgs 400m run 1:05 500m row 1:24 5km run 20:00
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    Kettlebell Swings Russian or American

    Nice little article regarding Russian vs American swings. I think it's relevant here as (well I believe anyway) Crossfit is the reason for the American swing. http://breakingmuscle.com/kettlebells/rationalizing-the-swing-why-the-american-swing-is-wrong
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    2014 Crossfit Open

    Something I just noticed. In 2012 70,000 people registered for the Open. In 2013 138,000 people registered the Open In 2014, 27 days out from the start of the Open and they have just crack 70,000 registrations Could this be the first year of decline in the Crossfit Open?
  6. H

    Front Squats/Back Squats

    So I came across this squat program the other day, messed me up more than I was expecting. You take 65% of your 1RM Front Squat and do 7 Front Squats and 13 Back Squats with no rest between other than to rack bar on your back x 4 sets. Give it a go and let me know what you think, maybe I'm just...
  7. H

    Rogue Reverse Hyper

    Anyone interested in a Rogue Reverse Hyper? As new with 100kg of plates Selling due to needing space in the shed Located in a Townsville and happy to ship at your expense. Message me or reply here and we can talk price. Thanks
  8. H


    Just read 0ni's post in the Sheiko thread and it reminded me of this article. It's weightlifting/Crossfit based but the general message regarding volume is still there. Thoughts? "I finished up another one of Medvedyev’s training manuals last week and was reviewing my notes and thoughts on...
  9. H

    Pendlay seminar

    So I attended the Pendlay seminar on the weekend in Brisbane at Cougars Weightlifting Club and I thought I'd post up some interesting points that Glenn raised for discussion. Regarding programming: Glenn discussed the history of weightlifting, how it has change, what the lifts use to be...
  10. H

    FS: Townsville - Again Faster Kettlebells

    FS: Townsville - Again Faster Equipment (more gear added) 20kg Again Faster Team Barbell $200 20kg Iron Edge Premium Barbell $500 2 x 5kg Again Faster Bumper Plate $50 2 x 10kg Again Faster Bumper Plate $100 2 x 15kg Again Faster Bumper Plate $130 4 x 20kg Again Faster Bumper Plate $320 4 x...